Summer garden wedding is the best

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Summer garden wedding is the best

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Hello there everyone, I trust you all had an amazing week.  It’s summertime and with it comes with lots of weddings yepee!

I received the following question from Tsitsi:

“Hello Ann, I am having a wedding in December…a garden wedding. But I do not want material decor. Yes, I want my wedding pretty, but not with material or fake flowers or balloons. What can I do?”

Makorokoto Tsitsi, on your upcoming wedding my dear and for choosing a garden wedding in summer, that’s the best. Be aware though that December attracts the rains, so make sure you have plan B in case it rains.

I agree with you, you do not need material for a garden wedding. If you choose a wedding venue that has character, you could have a very pretty wedding. Most wedding venues in summer have beautiful gardens, with bright flowers and lush greenery.

However, the rains tend to reduce the amount of flowering plants, so you may not have a massive range of colours to choose from. There are so many decor options you could choose from, such as hanging baskets, fairy lights or different coloured lights, colour lanterns etc.

If you love natural colours and themes, you can have a wedding in a gallery where art is used as your decor. You could get the wedding venue to start growing creepers over wood or fencing, so that by December you will have beautiful wedding arch’s.

Getting married near a waterfall is also amazing. If your venue does not have a waterfall, they might be able to hire one to install temporarily for you. It won’t hurt for you to ask them. If they say no, you should not get offended. Also remember if the venue has to add something they do not have, it may cost you more.

I mentioned lighting; it is awesome for evening weddings or late afternoon weddings. With proper lighting placed in specific area’s no other decor will be required. I would suggest if that is your choice, engage a lighting expert along with an electrician to advise you. Solar lights are a great source of lighting, especially if the electricity power goes off.

However, it will not be worth the cost if you buy them, because for them to be effective, you need many. It would only benefit the venue, because they can use them over and over again.

Candles are my favourite decor item. You can use them on tables, by walls, pathways, window seals etc, in fact anywhere that has minimum wind and a stable surface. Candles can also be put in different exciting candle holders, depending on your creativity or the creativity of the venue personnel. There are so many candle designs around to suit everyone’s requirements. You can get plain candles or coloured ones; you can get scented candles or un-scented ones. Tea light candles are a lifesaver I tell you. Many a wedding have been saved by tea lights. They are reasonably priced and can be placed anywhere.

I know they only last between one to two hours, but with the right timing they can be perfect. I have seen tea lights and fairy lights on pictures after weddings, they look like stars. No decor can beat that.

Ribbons are another decor option for material, but you need to use someone who is an expert in them, otherwise your wedding might look like a bomb went off. Ribbons need to be put in such a way that they represent material, but in a gentler way. Also the type of ribbon is important, the silkier, shinier and thicker the ribbon, the better.

Lanterns at one time were the favourite at every wedding. They seem to have faded, just like any other seasonal decor fade. However, there are always different designs coming out each season and if put in strategic areas, can change the whole look of the venue.

Wish trees are also a new favourite especially overseas. These are dry trees or fake trees that are placed around the room that have cards with inspiring messages hanging on them. Guests can either take cards with them home, or simply admire what is written on them. The trees are usually painted white or silver of black or gold, depending on the bridal colours.

African decor is obviously my favourite because it usually comprises of natural African material such as pods, seeds, twigs, reeds etc. Centre pieces made from wood or bamboo etc, with painted twigs coming out of them, with dry flowers etc, can look out of this world I tell you.

I could go on and on my dear, but I think I have proved to you that, material decor is not the only decor that can be used to make a wedding amazing.

Until next week, hope this helps. God bless!

Ann can be contacted on  0772933845.

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