Suicide over hubby’s poverty

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Suicide over hubby’s poverty The woman left a suicide note

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Liberty Dube
Weekender Correspondent

AN End Time Church member in Chipinge who was tired of staying with an unemployed and broke husband stormed out of a church service and hanged herself a few metres from the premises last week on Sunday.

Precious Mushunje (40) left a suicide note stating that she was living a stressful life because of her husband who was unemployed and ‘helpless’.

Her 11-year-old son (name withheld) discovered that his mother had stormed out of the church and went outside to look for her.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Sergeant Vimbai Mangundu confirmed the incident which happened at Chipinge Government Farm.

“Mushunje of medium-density area of Chipinge left home proceeding to a church service at End Time Church near her residence.

“Around midday, her son realised that her mother had stormed out of the church and tried to locate her without any joy.

“He informed his father, Mr Edwin Chikwanha (54) who proceeded to make a report at Chipinge Police Station.

“Searches were done with the help of church members before she was found lying dead a few metres away from the church premises.

“A suicide note was recovered near her body and it stated that she was not happy because her husband was broke and unemployed,” said Sergeant Mangundu.

She urged people to seek counselling services whenever they are depressed with something.


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