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This one will offend you, especially if you are conducting yourself in the manner that I want to address below. This message is directed to every person who was born. Yes, you heard me right. This is for you, and the message is clearly focusing on hypocrisy.

There are people who pretend that they do not have a background and that at some point in time they were raised by someone.

I am really passionate about the subject of welfare of parents. This is the constituency of people often neglected by many people when they grow up and many instances are well up.

It is also not surprising for people to flaunt their wealth on social media and neglect the very same people who gave them life.

Some people even donate money to charities when their own parents have nothing.

Some are renowned “church givers” when they have never given their parents anything close to that. Sometimes God is often cited as the justification.

How does this God order you to ignore the very same people whom he used to raise you?

I wonder.  This week I want to challenge your conscience and remember your parents. If you do not have biological parents alive anyone who played a significant role in your life is your parent. Bless them!

#Be serious

“A mother can take care of seven children, but seven children can fail to take care of 1 person”.  I saw this quote and it provoked me to immense anger and thought. This is what many people are doing.

Children who have small houses that they are spoiling with expensive gifts, iphones, cars, clothes, shopping vouchers, you name it, fail to take care of their own mothers in the rural areas who are languishing in poverty.

I do not know what happens to people; they become so exceptionally generous when it comes to strangers, yet very inhuman and cruel when it comes to their own families.

You might have a better background but that does not mean you have no role to play. Always look for opportunities to minister and reach out to them. Telephone calls could mean a lot. Have you ever imagined the amount of time you spend on the phone with strangers, yet you do not even know how your mother is doing? Think seriously and think deep.

Take care of your family
“To all those who did nothing for their mums…. but contributed towards the Pastor or Prophet’s wife Mother’s day gift at church.

Today…… I pray your fuel runs out whilst driving past the State House…” I think you might have an idea of what could happen if you run out of fuel at this stage.

I do not usually like sharing jokes on social media, but this one is not just a joke, but wisdom couched in comical format.

This is what many people do; they take care of other people and neglect their own families.

Nothing wrong with taking care of “spiritual mothers” and “spiritual fathers” but everything wrong in hypocrisy of taking care of them when your own parents are languishing in problems. Who do you want to take care of your family?

Any church that does not teach you to take care of your parents and your family is not a good church for you. In fact leave it! I said it!

Any Pastor who does not teach and remind you to go and take care of your family is not a good one. If you are a Pastor and reading this article, challenge your flock to go and bless their parents.

Even if those parents do not go to church, they are still parents. God used and chose them for that assignment.

Some people don’t even want to see church because of what they see church people do.

I look forward to days when churches have parents’ day where they celebrate parents in their presence.

I prioritise my family in every aspect, and in terms of time. I cancel speaking engagements to go and see my mother and family.

I drove midnight one day to Masvingo when I picked that my brother had been injured by a baseball and suffered a fracture.

My mother had tried to hide this from me fearing that I would drive.

Who do I find at Morgenster that night, my mother next to my last born brother.

She was detained for the whole weekend until the boy was discharged after being detained.

I drove to Masvingo to speak to my last born brother before the examinations. I speak to thousands of children and motivate them to success. I also want those close to me to benefit first hand as well.

You did not fall from heaven

This is the truth we are not emphasising. No matter what title you are given, you did not fall from heaven.

There is some old woman who went through a lot for you to be where you are today.

Remember her, and if she is not there, remember whoever took the role. I thank God that I have been able to reach out to many people through these articles, and live talks.

This is possible because of one woman who believed in me, and stood with me through difficulties. Now I am here!

Decent lives, must

precede decent burials

For some weird reasons we value decent burials without considering whether there was a decent life. Give your parent a decent life first, and honour them with a decent funeral when their time comes.

Funerals unearth worst forms of hypocrisies, Christians included, and we look smart and dress well to attend funerals of people we never cared for.

Do not speak volumes you never spoke during a person’s life time.

I have refused to spoil my mother in death; I want to spoil her in life. She does not have a driver’s licence; otherwise she has a car of her own.

That was a Christmas gift I gave her last year in December.  I took her to South Africa with my brother and asked her to choose a car she would want. I cannot do everything; I commit to do what I can!

One of my success secrets, is I have a woman praying for me daily because I reach out to her.

To all single mothers

There is no child without a father, but there is a father without a child. There are fathers who father and leave their children.

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a “dad”. You might have been abandoned, and left with children.

Take care of them no matter how difficult it might be. Show them a good example you would want them to live with. One day, your children will grow and be a blessing. Do not look for a “blesser”.

Let God be your “blesser” and work with your own hands. Happy mother’s day to all mothers in Zimbabwe and outside.

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