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EDITOR — It is very sad that barely three weeks after the elections the prices of goods and services have already gone up but the motive behind all this remains unknown.

A recent survey which was carried out by the consumer price index (CPI) which is responsible for measuring some changes in the general price level in the country has revealed that there is an increase in our inflation rate of up to two percent and this figure is set to go up if we can take a look at the speed at which the prices are going up.

Some companies said they are struggling to remain afloat and the only way they can remain in business is to increase their prices to cover the ever increasing operation costs. These few remaining companies said it was now becoming much more expensive to operate their businesses in an environment where prices were not stable.

They are complaining about very high tariffs charged by the power utility which they said are very high when compared with those charged in other countries in the region.  Most companies especially those from this region of Matabeleland said it is becoming very hard to survive and said they don’t blame those companies that moved their business to other urban centres like Harare looking for a change of fortune.

When they found the going getting tough in Harare some of them ended up shutting down those companies. The companies however, still have hope that things can stabilise if the ministry responsible for the industries can work very hard to make sure that companies are assisted financially so that they continue with their businesses.

While companies were struggling to continue operating workers on the other hand were also accusing the same companies of underpaying them. Workers and most parents have in the past complained that the monthly salaries they were getting are very far from being enough.

These workers complained that the consumer watchdog, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe has been releasing the percentages and figures indicating that prices of all the basic goods and services were going up every month but the companies were not prepared to increase their salaries.

Some of the companies have even gone an extra mile by firing all members of the workers’ committees so that there is no voice representing the workers at most companies.

Worried, Gomoza

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