Stay safe, dear teens

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Teenchat with Tentie

HELLO my beloved teenagers! It’s winter time and I hope you are keeping warm and safe at home. So during the past few months, confirmed Covid-19 cases have been recorded in our beloved province, Manicaland. You guys should be extra careful because coronavirus is on our doorstep, rather inside our beloved home. Recently I overheard some teenagers telling each other that they are not prone to contracting the virus since their immune systems are still very strong. Well, newsflash, everyone is at risk of contracting Covid-19 so stay safe at home. Across the world, many teenagers have died due to Covid-19. We do not want to lose you too. Love you. xoxoxo


A doctor wanted to heal three mentally challenged people. He asked the first patient the answer to three+three and he replied “2 500”. “You are really mad,” said the doctor. The second patient was asked the same question and he replied, “Wednesday.” The doctor concluded that there was no hope for him as well. The third man answered that the answer to the question was six and the doctor cheered, “Bravo!” He asked the patient how he had gotten the answer. The man replied, “I divided 2 500 by Wednesday.” The doctor collapsed. Funny right. — Sue Marikopo


There is a time when builders start searching for broken bricks to fill the gaps and complete their work. Definitely, some of you are like those broken bricks, you are ignored and thrown out and considered as people of no value to the world. No one sees your value, but a day is coming when some people will go around looking for half bricks to complete their work. You are a forgotten person because of your situation. You are better than what people think of you today. You may be a subject of discussion. Somebody could have said something that made you inferior but do not worry. You are a product of grace. When other people are throwing you away as a half brick, there are other people looking for half bricks to use. Someone is praying to meet you one day. Someone is desperately looking for you. You are needed somewhere to fill the gap. Do not despair because you are that half brick!-Whatsapp message sent in by Ruth Chinamhora. —Ruth C


Hey guys, its Rudo from Sunnyside Girls, I would like to greet my friends from school — Tinashe, Mary Lean, Kudzie and all my classmates. I miss you guys. Hope we open schools soon. —Rudo S


My name is Tendai Kutsvaka, please pass my regards to all those who know me across Zimbabwe, including my mom and dad in Chikanga, as well as Chido and Pacesetter in Chipinge. Stay safe guys. —Tendai K


To all my Dangamvura High School friends, I miss you so much. All my friends in HobHouse 2 who include Dany, Rumbi, Queen T and Hustle Hard, keep on making me proud. I love you guys. —Lewis Chikodzo

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness! Keep sending your stuff to 0771580643.

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