Stampede to catch sight of Mbuya Sauti

08 Feb, 2018 - 05:02 0 Views
Stampede to catch sight of Mbuya Sauti The crowd mob Mbuya Sauti outside The Manica Post building in Mutare yesterday. - Picture by Tinai Nyadzayo.

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Weekender Reporter
THERE was a stampede at The Manica Post building yesterday morning when a big crowd turned up to catch a glimpse of Mutare socialite Mbuya Sauti and her live-in boyfriend Wellington Mabhiza as they emerged from Diamond FM Wake Up Call show.

The jovial crowd, comprising mostly women, shouted Sauti, Sauti, Sauti, Sauti. The celebrities kept their composure, with Mbuya Sauti, who was spotting shaven hairstyle and her traditional maroon and black protective wrapping cloth, smiling and waving at the appreciative crowd.

Mabhiza, tried to shy away from camera lens from the crowd, but their fans would have none of it and continued to follow the couple as it emerged from the building, drawing the attention of other passers-by and disrupting business at the adjacent vending market. During the radio programme, the lovebirds claimed that they have “mermaid spirits”, which ignited them to fall for each other head over heels.

The couple also told listeners that there were some rituals they should perform before becoming intimate. Mindful of the yawning age difference between them, Mbuya Sauti (57) said she would allow Mabhiza (29) to sire kids with another woman as long as he stays under her roof.

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