St Faith’s turned into war zone

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St Faith’s turned into war zone The usually tranquil mission school is in turmoil

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Samuel Kadungure
Senior Reporter

NORMALCY continued to elude St Faith’s High School as the Anglican Church and School Development Committee (SDC) have clashed over the authenticity of an internal audit whose findings informed the latter’s decision to “fire” the headmaster and his deputy.

The usually tranquil mission school is in turmoil as conflict over allegations of abuse of office levelled against Mr Anold Makamba and his deputy, Mr Irvine Mudangwe triggered riots at the school last Saturday.

Irate pupils ganged up with community members and sought to evict the school principal, Reverend Daniso Muchichwa from the parsonage, accusing him of orchestrating the pair’s victimisation.

However, this has not cowed the church, which now accuses the two administrators of instigating the riots, resulting in the destruction of property, the principal’s garden and piggery project.

The church has since reported the riots to the police and investigations are underway.

In a notice to parents, SDC chairman, Mr Luke Chipunza accused the church of victimising Messrs Makamba and Mudangwe, while glossing over and turning a blind eye on Rev Muchichwa’s involvement in the same offence.

“Allegations against the head and deputy emanated from an internal audit instituted by the Responsible Authority from May 31 to June 5, 2021. The SDC was not given prior notification of this audit and the motive. The SDC was never invited to the exit meeting of the said audit, and up to this day, no audit report has been shared with it. Naturally, the SDC would have been briefed on the audit findings and possible recommendations.

“In the majority of the cases where the head and deputy are said to have embezzled funds, Rev Muchichwa authorised the payments. While the deputy head and wife supplied beef and vegetables to the school, other staff members and their relatives also supplied various food items. Among them are Rev Muchichwa’s wife, Mr Shonge, Mr Kamuruko, Mr Mutisi and Mr Munyoro.

“The SDC came to the conclusion that the internal audit, which was shrouded in secrecy, was nothing, but a witch-hunting exercise whose motive was to arrive at the current victimisation. As such, the SDC dismisses the internal audit with the contempt it deserves, and registers its displeasure to the RA for unilaterally making serious decisions, which may have far reaching consequences to many, including school children. As the SDC, we expect the school head and deputy to continue with their normal duties unhindered and without interference from any quarter,” said Mr Chipunza.

However, Anglican Diocese of Manicaland registrar and spokesperson, Mr Ashel Mutungura fired back, and accused the SDC of trying to shield the embattled administrators.

“They met on November 13, 2021 purportedly to discuss the findings of a recent internal audit. Their report now making rounds on the social media shows clearly that they are pre-occupied with protecting beleaguered comrades and taking over the role of the RA on the choice of head and deputy for the school. The SDC is now making allegations that the RA did not inform them of the internal audit and the exit meeting. It is the responsibility of the school head to inform them of such audits and exit meetings.

“By implication, they are making very serious allegations that he failed to execute his duty by failing to inform them of the internal audit and exit meeting. They also claim that the audit was not done in good faith despite the fact that five other diocesan boarding schools were audited by the same team. We will not brook any attempts by the SDC to interfere with the RA’s mandate. Their finance committee met and received a report on the audit from the school head and went on to approve payment of the same,” said Mr Mutungura.

Mr Mutungura also accused the two administrators of instigating the riots that rocked the school.

Irate pupils armed with logs and switches, scaled up the precast wall, while others pelted security guards who tried to restrain them with stones.

The security guards retreated and left the main gate open after some members of the community charged at them.

The boys then trooped towards Reverend Muchichwa’s residence, chanting songs denouncing the privatisation of the school.

They started throwing stones on the roof of his house, while others destroyed his garden and deflated the tyres of his official vehicle.

Others put a white banner inscribed “No to Privatisation” on the back of Reverend Muchichwa’s vehicle.

“A group of about 12 people entered the school premises in violation of the Covid-19 regulations and without permission. They went to the pupils’ hostels and incited them to riot, resulting in the destruction of property, the principal’s garden and priggery project.


“The church will not stand akimbo and watch this happening. Mr Makamba and Mr Mudangwe are complicit in those disturbances. Action is being taken against pupils who were involved in those disturbances. Those who committed an offence must be dealt with in terms of the laws,” he said.


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