Sex-starved woman attempts suicide

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Sex-starved woman attempts suicide

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Tendai Kwaramba
Post Reporter

A CHIKANGA woman contemplated taking her own life after being denied conjugal rights by her husband for over a year.

This emerged at a Mutare Civil Court where Nyarai Makuyana had dragged her husband, David Wasiwo, seeking maintenance and a protection order against him since their marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Makuyana told Mutare magistrate, Mr Mr Xavier Chipato, that it took the intervention of a stranger to stop her from committing suicide.

She said she also received counselling from her parents following her attempt to take her own life.

The couple has since separated after Wasiwo accused his wife of cheating.


He took custody of three of their four children.

However, Makuyana denied ever having an extra marital affair.

“I never cheated. The man my husband is accusing me of dating was the one who actually intervened when I was about to take my own life.


“I was really depressed as Wasiwo was denying me my conjugal rights for over a year and I wanted to take my life, but that man stopped me. I also got counselling from my parents and other concerned people after that incident,” said Makuyana.

She alleged that Wasiwo destroyed her home.

“This man destroyed the shack I was living in so that he could have custody of the children.

“After reporting him to the police, they advised me to secure accommodationfirst before getting the children back. His sister offered shelter for me and the children. I pray this court orders him to surrender the children back,” she said.

Makuyanaalso wants Wasiwo to pay $12 000 monthly maintenance for his family’s upkeep.

She also begged the court to bar him from harassing and assaulting her.

Wasiwo told the court that while he can afford to pay for the children’s school fees, he cannot afford to pay $12 000 every month as he is unemployed.

“I am not employed and cannot afford the amount she is asking for. I am only able to pay $2000 as well as the children’s school fees. One of the children’s fees is paid under the Basic Education Module Assistance (Beam) programme. We are also receiving food hampers worth US$70 from donors, but she sells the groceries and converts the money to her personal use.

“I do not know what she wants that the $12 000 for. I am staying with three of our four children and $2 000 should be enough for the one child in her custody,” Wasiwo argued.

However, Mr Chipato ordered him to pay $8 500 to cover school fees, while Makuyana will cater for the groceries.

He also granted the protection order in Makuyana’s favour.


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