School-girl in pornographic material scandal

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School-girl in pornographic material scandal

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Tendai Gukutikwa
A 15-YEAR-OLD Gombakomba Secondary School female student has been convicted of contravening the Censorship and Entertainments Control Act after she showed pornographic videos to other students at school.

The juvenille who was jointly charged with her 19-year-old neighbour, appeared before Mutare provincial magistrate, Mrs Sekai Chiundura who warned and cautioned her. They were discharged.

The X2 cell phone was returned to its owner but the memory card which had the pornographic material was forfeited to the State.

The pair contravened Section 26 (1) (a) of the Censorship and Entertainments Control Act, Chapter 10:04 which is well known as the unlawful possession of publication, picture, statue or record that is indecent, obscene or prohibited.

Mr Matthew Chimutunga prosecuted.

The minor on her way to school, met and requested for a cell phone from Mbendani who in-turn gave her a Nokia X2 phone which she went to school in possession of.

On the same day and at around 11am, the minor took out the cell phone and invited four of her friends who are also minors and students at the same school.

She then began to play the pornographic videos that were on the phone in full view of the other students.

As she was playing the  pornographic videos, another student made a report to a school teacher, Mrs Chitando at the school who then reported the matter to the police               leading to the recovery of the phone that had the illicit  materials.

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