Sakubva Polyclinic lab transforms health services

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Sakubva Polyclinic lab transforms health services Mutare City health director, Mrs Eunice Muyambuki

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Health Reporter

TIMEOUS and precise diagnosis and treatment have become the norm for some patients in the oldest location of Mutare, following the provision of laboratory services at Sakubva Polyclinic.

The positive development has proven crucial in the midst of the current cholera outbreak.

Acting Mutare city health director, Mrs Eunice Muyambuki said waiting periods for laboratory tests have decreased significantly, enabling healthcare professionals to respond promptly to the needs of different patients.

This follows the commissioning of the clinic’s laboratory, donated by the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) to Mutare City Council.

Mrs Muyambuki said the laboratory has transformed healthcare services in the city by ensuring that patients receive timely and effective treatment.

“As the city continues to face many diseases, this state-of-the-art laboratory remains a vital asset in the fight against cholera and other healthcare challenges,” she said.

Mrs Muyambuki said the laboratory has contributed to the reduction of burden at the Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital laboratory.

“This laboratory has been a game-changer for the city’s healthcare system. Previously, City of Mutare only had a mini laboratory at Mutare Infectious Diseases Hospital and was highly dependent on Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital for laboratory services,” she said.

Previously, patients would endure long waiting periods for laboratory test results, with samples being transported to the provincial hospital for clinical tests.

However, with the new laboratory, results are now being processed in situ within a short period of time – enabling healthcare professionals to provide timely and effective treatment.

Mrs Muyambuki said before the coming in of the laboratory, it used to take a long, winding and tedious journey for specimens to be processed.

“It took us weeks from sample collection to their translocation to the laboratory. We would send the samples to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital, resultantly overburdening them as they had to deal with samples from other hospitals. The return leg was equally tedious and winding, so it took longer for results to come back,” she said.

Mrs Muyambuki said laboratory work is critical for diagnosis in health services delivery.

“We were previously incapacitated on how to help the patients because the laboratory results took long to come out. The laboratory has significantly reduced the waiting periods for laboratory test results,” she said.

In an interview, AHF’s prevention manager, Mr Clever Taderera said the foundation donated a fully equipped laboratory to the city council, together with a laboratory technician who is on their payroll.

He said the organisation remains committed to compliment Government’s efforts to ensure access to health for all.

“We are glad that the laboratory has provided reprieve for the city, while also complimenting Government’s efforts. We recognised the challenges faced by the city’s healthcare system, and decided to construct a state-of-the-art laboratory, equipping it with all the necessary equipment and employing a laboratory technician on site,” he said.

The laboratory’s impact has also been felt by patients, who are now enjoying efficient service delivery.

Mrs Chiedza Muparutsa, a diabetic patient said her test results now take a few hours to a day to be availed.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes and used to wait for days for my test results, but now I get them within a few hours, which has significantly improved my treatment as doctors have access to the results within a short period of time,” she said.

Another patient, Mr Tendai Manyika said his recent diagnosis was amazingly quicker.

Patients also applauded the healthcare at the clinic, claiming that it has drastically improved since inception of the laboratory services.


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