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Dear Tete Barbara
I am a 22-year-old girl with sagging breasts. Every time when I look in the mirror I just cannot hold my tears back when I see the state of my breasts .

My breasts just hang there in front of me and they are so big. I have black stretch marks on my breasts and also my back. A guy I once had a relationship with always used to ask me if I had ever had a baby and I believe that is the reason why most men dump me after seeing my body. Help me please.

Tete  Barbara Responds
Darling you are beautiful as you are but you may need to do one or two things to help keep that beauty intact.

There are people who have a condition where their body looses its elasticity, causing parts of the body to sag and hang. It could be frustrating but you can exercise, eat a high protein diet, oestrogen producing foods and also use a bit of bio oil on your skin for stretch marks.

Massaging the breast can also stimulate growth by increasing the blood flow to the breast so you can try that for 15minutes twice a week.

Having said that, do not believe that men are leaving you for that reason, if a man truly loves you he will love you for who you are inside. Oh, and try to withhold revealing and giving your body to anyone and everyone until you are sure he is the one.

Keep it sacred! 

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