Rise of the Phoenix?

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Rise of the Phoenix? Isaac ‘Zeka’ Nengomasha

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Ray Bande
Senior Reporter


IN Greek mythology, the phoenix is an immortal bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.

Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Literally to rise like a phoenix from the ashes means to emerge from a catastrophe stronger, smarter and more powerful.

An example of rising like a phoenix from the ashes is someone who opens a new and successful business following the dismal failure of the previous project.

Is this what new Tenax C.S FC head coach, Isaac ‘Zeka’ Nengomasha replicating with relegation threatened Tenax C.S FC?

The former Mutare City Rovers defender kept his nerves in the dugout as the struggling correctional services side, where he  assumed the role of head on Sunday, held highly rated Highlanders FC in their intimidating backyard of Barboufields Stadium in Bulawayo.

Nengomasha who will now face Dynamos in a fortnight when league action resumes after the Chibuku Super Cup preliminary round break was thrown in the deep end on Sunday following the abrupt departure of Shadreck ‘Father’ Mugurasave who had been the club’s head coach since the start of the season.

Even though Tenax FC had their moments under Mugurasave, the former Buffaloes defender presided over a long dry spell in which the poorly funded correctional service team remained imprisoned in the drop zone.

But young Nengomasha took over and led the team to an impressive stalemate against what appeared to be a resurgent Highlanders in recent weeks.

Such is the toxic nature of local football mantra that word will most probably do rounds in soccer circles that Nengomasha is merely fronting the returning assistant coach, Blessing Madombi in the Tenax FC technical set-up.

Even if that could be the case, facts are stubborn because PSL and bookmakers simply reckon Nengomasha as the current Tenax C.S FC head coach, period!

The former La Sakubva Juniors, Eastern Lions, Buffaloes and Gutu Leopards player told Post Sport about his experiences as the head coach of a top-flight league team for the first time.

“I was excited to lead the boys against one of the oldest teams in the league. Our game plan was spot on and I was happy that the boys took the instructions and executed the game plan well. I feel honoured to be entrusted to lead the boys against one of the big clubs on the local scene,” he said.

Asked whether he was scared of the challenge, Nengomasha said: “It was a case of mixed feelings. Yes, the feeling of being afraid to face criticism after the game and the other to be brave and build on my curriculum vitae.

“Initially yes, I was scared, but as the leader I had to be strong and put on a brave face to motivate the boys to believe in themselves and prove critics wrong. We need to stay afloat,” he said.

On his game plan ahead of the match against Highlanders, Nengomasha said: “We applied ourselves well.

We wanted to congest the midfield knowing well that is where they are strong. We had to suffocate the supply to the strikers.

“We also knew we had to cover the wider areas as they have fast and skilful wingers who can bring in crosses. More-so, encouraging the boys to retain possession as much as possible to frustrate them.”


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