Rimbi Primary School shines at National Science Fair

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Rimbi Primary School shines at National Science Fair Rimbi Primary School shines at National Science Fair

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Freedom Mutanda
ZIMBABWE needs technologically-minded people for it to develop and attain President Mnangagwa’s vision to become an upper medium class economy by 2030.

With that in mind, the Research Council of Zimbabwe launched a competition where primary and secondary school students compete on their ability to innovate and create new things for the betterment of mankind. Rimbi Primary School joined the bandwagon and encouraged its pupils to create a gadget that would capture the imagination of the judges and the world at large.

Mr Passmore Mufari, the mentor, motivated his students – Sylvester Mataraunda and Thembikosi Mutetwa – to think outside the box.

Mr Mufari narrated his journey to stardom: “Our gadget is known as mbavha guard alert. It came second in the district competitions under the umbrella of District Sports and Arts Festival and we had to literally force ourselves to be part of the district team to the provincial competition (PASSAF) where we clinched the first position to set us for the national competition”.

“Competing against the best in the country will obviously make all of us nervous. Nevertheless, I didn’t stop motivating them since they were in the cusp of history,” he said.

Harare International Conference Centre was the place to be from February 12 to 16 as the future Isaac Newtons and Albert Einsteins fought tooth and nail to emerge winners. Alas, where there is a battle, there has to be one winner.

With their mbavha guard alert gadget, which forestalls robbers who come when no one is at home, the Rimbi Primary School scooped the national prize and made their school and Chipinge district proud.

The gadget is meant to scare robbers or thieves.

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