Relief as US$2 erection finally subsides

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Relief as US$2 erection finally subsides Robert Sithole

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Trust Bvaranga
Chipinge Correspondent

A Chipinge man who slept with a married woman and had to endure a prolonged erection for two months had a huge sigh of relief after a Mozambican traditional healer reportedly came to his rescue.

Robert Sithole endured a permanent erection since December 7 last year after being intimate with Precious Dhliwayo.

All efforts to reverse the condition were in vain, resulting in Sithole enduring excruciating pain in his private organ for months.

According to an Internet search, a disorder in which the male sexual organ maintains a prolonged erection in the absence of appropriate stimulation is called priapism.


The most common cause of priapism is a side effect of medications used to treat erectile dysfunction, injury to the genitals or pelvis, alcohol and drug abuse, among other things.

The Weekender recently caught up with a relieved Sithole who said he is on the path to recovery as the pain has greatly subsided.

He said a Mozambican sangoma assisted him to recover.

“We consulted a lot of medical practitioners and traditional healers, all in vain. I was almost losing hope when a healer from Mozambique visited me and examined my private parts. He started treating me and my condition improved remarkably.

“I had developed a wound on my private organ, hence the swelling. This caused the permanent erection. I could not do anything, and would only sleep at home. Walking was a challenge, while urinating was the worst nightmare.

“I am so grateful that I am recovering well. This was a big lesson to me. I want to encourage all men to stick to their wives. Once beaten, twice shy. I will never repeat this mistake again,” he said.

In a recent interview, Sithole narrated his ordeal: “I met this woman (Dhliwayo) along the Chipinge-Mutare Highway. I could not resist her beauty and proposed love to her. She never spurned my proposal.

“We exchanged numbers and the following day she came to my work place at Chipinge Country Club. We got intimate and the next day she invited me to her place.

“We got intimate again. Unfortunately the condom ripped and we continued with the act. Afterwards, I felt excruciating pain on my private parts. I went home but the erection did not go away,” he said.

Sithole said he paid US$2 for Dhliwayo to sleep with him.

He, however, was full of praises for his wife for fighting in his corner.

“I want to thank my wife for being there for me during these trying times. We sold everything, including our livestock and other valuable assets, to solve my problem. Despite losing our assets, my wife did not desert me.

“She worked in other people’s fields to raise money for my treatment. I admit that I wronged her, but she has forgiven me.

“I suffered because I failed to resist the devil’s agent of destruction. I have been faithful to my wife for all these years, but I do not know what got into me to fall for this other woman. I frequent different drinking outlets, but I never fell for the women of the night. I architectured my own predicament in broad daylight, and I regret ever setting my eyes on that woman,” he said.

When contacted for comment, Dhliwayo admitted sleeping with Sithole twice, but denied causing his prolonged erection.

“I know the person you are talking about. We slept together twice, and I charged him for the services. He confronted me recently over the issue of his predicament, but my hands are clean. We consulted a traditional healer together with his relatives, including his wife, and it was discovered that he is the one who is ‘fixed’, not me.

“I am married, but my husband is neglecting me and our child. He has another wife and rarely visits us. My husband never fixed me because I have other boyfriends besides Robert. I am into flesh peddling because I want to put food on the table for me and my child,” said Dhliwayo.

She said she was prepared to consult other traditional healers to prove her innocence.
“Robert should come out clean and not to tarnish my image.

“I might end up losing my clients because of his unfounded allegations. Why was he affected alone? We usually use protection with my lovers, but at times we throw caution to the wind and have unprotected sex, but noone has ever complained of having a permanent erection after the act.

“If I tell my husband of the allegations being made by Robert, all hell will broke loose. I am prepared to consult more traditional healers with the Sitholes to clear my name,” said Dhliwayo who vehemently refused to disclose her husband’s name.


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