Reincarnation of The Pavilion

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Ray Bande Senior Reporter
THE Pavilion is a familiar name in Mutare entertainment circles and evokes fond memories of an open air joint that attracted multitudes of pleasure seekers back then.

Located at the Mutare Polytechnic sports grounds, adjoining Mutare Sports Club, back then, The Pavilion used to lure revellers from different parts of the province and beyond.

However, that was then and to date Mutare is witnessing the reincarnation of The Pavilion with the opening of a trendy watering hole by the same name albeit different locations, thanks to Brigadier General Lazarus Gutu entrepreneurial skills.

The Pavilion opened its doors to the public less than a month ago at Mutare Showgrounds and the place has been provided a missing link in nightlife in Mutare – an ideal open air joint.
Situated at the Mutare Showground VIP enclosure, The Pavilion management has pledged to give a full entertainment package that will cater for all age groups.

The Pavilion manager Simba Wisdom confirmed that efforts are underway to make the place a fully fledged entertainment spot for a family outing.

“We are happy that we have opened our doors to the public and the response has been encouraging. People love the place because of its serenity and ambience.

“We are actually in the process of turning the pace into a fully fledged entertainment spot for a family outing. Very soon we will have jumping castles for children, more braai areas and meat choices for patrons as well as the usual beverages that we offer,” he said.

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