Problem goats tear family apart

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Problem goats tear family apart The feuding parties are now seeking recourse at the courts

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Tanyaradzwa Mujati
Post Reporter


BAD blood between neighbours has forced a Mutare man to drag his uncle to Mutare Civil Court for a peace order application.


Cleopas Tsaisi accused his uncle, Godfrey Muchamirei, of disturbing his peace and harassing his employees.


The parties appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, who granted the peace order in Tsaisi’s favour.


The order bars Muchamirei from disturbing the applicant’s peace.


Muchamirei was also ordered to pay a fine of $5 000 for being a public nuisance.


Tsaisi said Muchamirei is in the habit of visiting his homestead around midnight and threatening his workers during his absence.


“He is disturbing my peace. He comes to my homestead while stone drunk, uttering unprintable words and threatening my employees. At times he fights them. My employees are now scared to work on my farm because of his unruly behaviour,” said Tsaisi.


He also told the court that Muchamirei accuses him of possessing goblins and being a wizard.


“He accuses me of being behind all the misfortunes in his life,” said Tsaisi.


In response, Muchamirei admitted bad mouthing Tsaisi.


He attributed the source of their feud to Tsaisi’s goats which strayed onto his field and destroyed his crops.


“Your Worship, the problem is his goats. They strayed onto my field and destroyed my crops. His workers are reckless. When I complain, my plea falls on deaf ears,” he said.


However, Tsaisi dismissed Muchamirei’s claims and accused the latter of destroying his fence.


“The land in question is not even his. He is staying on our family land,” said Tsaisi.



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