Please, lock your wife home or else . . .

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BLABBER would like to advise this guy who was recently posted to that town which derived its name from that river that never dries to behave.

The slightly pot-belly and bespectacled dude, Blabber has gathered, almost ran over and murdered his wife with his official car following a misunderstanding at that watering hole belonging to that respected former war commissar, on the outskirts of the largely dormitory town.

The bozzo took his wife and kids for a drinking binge, and when it was time for the kids to retire, the woman refused to go home saying she still wanted to sip the wise waters. And instead, she instructed her hubby to escort the kids home and then come back to fetch her.

He obliged, only to come back and find a rival suitor all over his wife. The guy was green with envy, and all hell broke loose.

This guy from that macadamia growing district had a torrid time retrain him from committing murder with actual intent.

The couple took their fight home, leading to malicious damage to property at their official residence.

Yours Truly has a word or two of advice for this dude; that town has a tainted history, and if he really wants his marriage to last, he must stop flogging his dreadlocked and booty wife in watering holes.

There are guys ready to pounce at the slightest opportunity. Either he locks her home and throws the keys into the sea or loses her.  Don’t say Blabber never warned you . . . The unwanted wedding guests

Blabber was shocked to learn of how some respected guests at a wedding were chapped out of the venue in that other resort area close to the city.

The wedding between this other well known and respected guy and his moneyed wife was held recently at a popular hideout named after a biblical garden.

Yours Truly is informed that friends of the bridegroom, who usually imbibe at that other popular spot whose name has all to do with auto mobiles, were told to leave the place for being bad influence to the husband over the years.

Imagine this other soft-spoken veteran legal practitioner, the lanky, potbellied businessman, the loud-mouthed bespectacled employee of a major city service provider as well as this other uncultured marshal of a blasphemous name, all being shown the exit at a friend’s wedding.

Their crime was that were part of a crew that makes hubby stay out late at night.

Once again, Blabber will reserve for the next insertion, the details about the union of the newlyweds as well as the how and where the instruction to chuck them out came from. Even in death, he remains controversial.

Together with details that yours truly has deliberately left out in the above two juicy ones, Blabber will narrate how the departed young businessman remains controversial even after he breathed his last and was laid to rest a few months ago.

I mean that other dreadlocked young man who created more enemies than friends during his lifetime.

Much as Blabber feels for his bereaved colored girlfriend and admires her down-to-earth character, Yours Truly has a job to do and who knows maybe through Blabber’s pen, she will get help.

He neglects his mother

Then there is this other short street banker who is doing well in terms of making cash on the streets in our beloved city, but regrettably he has forgotten his own mother, letting her suffer the throes of abject poverty while he splashes cash on Jezebels. With a name similar to a certain Dendera artiste, our dear brother plies his trade rights in the city centre at that other notorious complex where anything is on sale, including human heads.

We thought the good life he leads and shows us all is the same for his dear mother back in the city’s oldest suburb, but that is not the case.

She lives from hand-to-mouth. She resides among the poorest of the poor, where she jumps puddles of raw sewage from her bedroom to her kitchen. Blabber is now in the final stage of getting finer details of the nature of his relationship with his mother and for now just hold on

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