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Ray Bande Senior Reporter
TESTIMONIES are a common ritual in most churches and in apostolic sects in particular. According to Christian doctrine, a witness is no good if the witness does not have the courage to take the stand and give their testimony hence the scriptures clearly state that testimonies have power and that this tool or weapon will be very instrumental in the end times.

In fact, the Bible in Revelations, Chapter 12 verse 10, says: “We will overcome the accuser (the evil one) by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony.”
Therefore, it is very reasonable and understandable for Christians to give testimonies.

When God does something, they should not keep silent. They should publish and proclaim what God has done. Their belief or doctrine demands that that they should tell the world of God’s power and love.

It is against this background that the Apostle Paul Ernest Mwazha-led African Apostolic Church VaPostori VeAfrica devotees who gathered at their Mapembe Shrine in Odzi area for the Passover pilgrimage took turns to speak of the good that Lord did for them in their everyday lives.

With a bumper crowd of about 15 000 members gathering at the Mapembe shrine last week, the awesome tales of the hand of God in the church members’ lives was well articulated much to the amazement of attendees, especially novices to such gatherings such as this reporter.

“My wife was pregnant for two years, two months and could not conceive. We did all that we could and spent a fortune in trying to find a solution, but we could not get the help that we badly needed during that period,” said Mr Gambe, in his testimony during the Passover gathering.

“I then met people from this church (African Apostolic Church) who advised me that the problem could be solved in their church. I decided to instruct my wife to come to this church while I remained behind. When she came back she told me that she had undergone some serious prayers with church elders and that after three days she would have received help.

“Indeed after three days, I was phoned and told that she had been helped. I asked whether it was a baby girl of boy. I was told that there was no baby to talk about. In fact, she was carrying some goblins for the past two years, two months. When I went to see her, she was like a young girl once again.
“I did not hesitate to join the church soon after that experience, said Mr Gambe.

Mai Muvhangeri Musimwa also took to the podium and narrated how she was helped to conceive a baby after being married for more than a decade without a child.
“I did not have a child. I was married in 2003, but could not conceive. I had a dream and in that dream I saw Mutumwa Paul Mwazha coming to me. He was flying and landed next to my bed.

“In that dream, Mutumwa Mwazha told me to join the church. He gave me directions to where I would find the church. I did as I was instructed in that dream.
“When I went to the church I told the elders of my dream.
“I later conversed with them about my problem.

“They prayed for me at first. I went again another day and I joined the queue of people who wanted prayers, but the elders removed me from that queue.
“They took me and started praying for me. They told me that ‘nokutenda uchabatsirwa’ (by faith you will be helped).
“I am happy to say after a month I fell pregnant and we named the child Nokutenda. After that the devil was not happy.

“My husband was struck by lightning in January this year. When I heard the news I prayed hard.
“When he came home, the socks that he was wearing were burnt, but when I removed the socks his feet were not burnt.
“I stand here to say the good that the Lord has done to me through his messenger, Mutumwa Mwazha,” she said.

Another church member also professed that he survived a nasty accident at work under unclear circumstances that he can only attribute to Mutumwa Paul Mwazha.
“I was at work and doing some repairs on a lorry. While I was busy doing my work under the lorry with a safety stands in place, I did not think that anything could go wrong.

The safety stands slipped and the vehicle suddenly landed right on the ground while I was still working under it. I do not know how I escaped, but I left all the tools I was using under the vehicle. Yes, back then I felt the pain and could hardly put on my garment by myself, but I have greatly improved. The awesome thing is that I had been told about it in the church before it happened.

“Whenever you hear people testifying that VaPostori VeAfrica can overcome even lightning, it is true. Lightning even struck at home when my own mother was cooking. The cooking stick was instantly broken and my little sister was thrown in the fire. She was removed unhurt.
“These are the things that have shown me the power that abounds in VaPostora VeAfrica,” he said.

Many more also took turns to testify about the power of the Lord manifested in Mutumwa Paul Ernest Mwazha.
As men and women from different backgrounds took to the podium to speak about their experiences, larger than life exploits of the Holy Spirit manifested through Mutumwa Mwazha left many in awe.

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