Of men with boobs

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Of men with boobs

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HELLO readers, how are you this week? This is November, and we are a month shy to year end.

We need to get our act together if we have not. We cannot end the year on a negative footing.

Today, guys, is about you. Yes it is. I am chatting about “man boobs”.

Yes there are lots of men out there carrying man boobs due to a number of factors. For a lot of guys, man boobs are a nagging source of shame and self-loathing.

However, there is nothing abnormal about it and are a number of reasons why they appear. Often, it is because of a hormonal imbalance called gynaecomastia — a condition where high levels of estrogen causes breast tissue to form. Other cases it is due to an over-indulgence in fatty foods and or alcohol.

But whatever the origin, “man boobs” can make many men paranoid about their fashion choices.

After conversations with several men, I decided to give out the little information I have on it today.

The most obvious thing is to avoid the extremes when it comes to fit. Anything too fitted will only enhance the curves of your chest, lol. But if you go too far the other way you will end up adding volume, which will make you look bigger all round.

To that end, give your chest a little room from the fabric (but not too much) lest you look like you are wearing hand-me-downs.

If necessary, buy a size up and get the shoulders and waist tailored down to your specifications. That way it will feel bespoke, but not constricted or chest-hugging.

Shirts vs golf shirts or T-shirts.
I will always go with shirts, whether short or long sleeves.

However, if you are a T-shirt person, choose denser fabric over clingy or sheer fabrics.

If possible go for golf shirts which are safe all round. They will sit better than T-shirts, which tend to cling.

Colour plays an important part on hiding or disguising your boobs.

White shirts are more likely to display evident man boobs shadows than blue or grey, which will better blend with the shade.

Visual trickery can also be of help. Checked or patterned T-shirts are great for a man with boobs. Darker tones are certainly flattering, but do not feel like you have to avoid lighter colours, especially if you choose the right fabric.

What about pockets?
This is where it gets a little more complicated.

“Pockets can go either way. They can provide additional structure to a shirt and this disguise the problem area, but then bulky, heavily detailed pockets will only draw attention to the chest”.

The lesson is: choose your top pocket wisely.

Lastly, invest in a compression vest. No, it is not a girdle, so stop panicking.

This is not a last resort, but a necessity for men with boobs.

Compression vests are widely available, cheap and do a great job of comfortably suppressing heavy chests under everyday clothes.

Their low, scooping necks mean that they will never be spotted (unless you are a ‘four buttons undone for the ladies’ kinda guy), and even if someone sees it, most budget offerings look almost identical to a performance sports vest.

If all else fails, haul yourself to the gym and start working on your chest. And remember the next fatty peace of braai meat you eat could sit on your chest.

That is it for this week people, until next week, God bless!

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