Of brainless businessmen

27 May, 2016 - 00:05 0 Views

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I have said it before and I will say it once more, businessmen in this city never cease to amaze.All along, Yours Truly thought their acumen in daily business transactions teaches them how to cut their apparel according to size of their cloth.
Alas, some of them are nothing more than just a bunch of free spending morons.
Word reaching Yours Truly is that there is a businessman in the city who is living a lavish lifestyle, yet his employees are wallowing in abject poverty after they have gone for almost four months without salaries.
Employees who toil long and hard to make money for this brainless businessman go for months without salaries, yet he finds cash to secure vehicles of different makes for his chain of concubines, including that other arrogant and daft harlot who works for an internet service provider.
Gentle Reader, this is the same pot bellied businessman, whose business of selling meat has earned him a name in the city.
This is the same businessman who has featured on this column on a number of occasions owing to his insatiable desire for the horizontal mambo game.
While we all thought that his meat outlet, a few kilometres out of town and many more outlets dotted around the city are doing well for him and family, it appears he is busy directing proceeds for business to luring married women.
Not so long ago, the businessman was at the centre of a divorce wrangle after he took advantage of a married woman’s questionable morals and had an affair with her.
This has been the unfortunate waywardness of dear businessmen in the city that they all see their downfall owing to their open zip and shut mind approach to matters of the heart.
One needs not go far for more examples.
Gentle reader, the list is endless.
One can talk about that other businessman who no longer has any vehicle to his name and now depends on a certain hooligans’ truck for a ride.
I mean that brawny chap who is also in the meat retail business.
You see, Blabber has nothing against businessmen in the city, but like I have always said, the desire to preserve the little that remains of our moral fabric keeps me going.
Because some comrades take comfort in remaining nameless even when their shenanigans are published on this column, at times, I contemplate taking the game a notch higher and start to name and shame.

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