Nyanga pirate taxi driver found dead

10 Jan, 2020 - 00:01 0 Views
Nyanga pirate  taxi driver  found dead

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Miriam Nyagura, Nyanga Correspondent

Detectives in Nyanga are investigating a murder case in which unknown assailants hired a pirate taxi and later killed the driver in unclear circumstances.

The suspects went on to conceal the body of the deceased in the boot of the vehicle.

The corpse was only discovered by a passer-by who got curious after he got wiff of a stench emitted by the decomposing body.

Circumstances to the case are that on December 21 last year, the informant, Ndaizivei Nyafuri, saw the unattended vehicle, a white Nissan Bluebird sedan, parked along Buwu Road.

To her surprise, there was a swarm of flies around the vehicle, which raised her curiousity.

She reported the case to ZRP Ruda.

Detectives who attended the scene discovered that the deceased’s neck was tied by a wire.

They also noticed that a screwdriver had been used to fasten the wire to the neck by repeatedly twisting it thereby strangling him.

During the crime scene investigations, detectives also recovered identity documents belonging to the taxi driver, Abraham Mbinda.

The body was taken to Hauna Hospital for a post-mortem.

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