New musical genre makes waves

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New musical genre  makes waves Sky Flames (left) and Sky Walker

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Tendai Gukutikwa

Entertainment Correspondent

A NEW musical genre ‘‘R’n’ B Africa’’ has stolen the limelight in the musical circles after Mutare born and bred 23-year-olds Kudzai Chiwocha and Shawn Samanga created it earlier this year.

A fusion of Afro beats and RnB, the genre grips the listener’s mind softly and lets him/her explore the depths of the continent’s beautiful and different cultures through sound.

Popularly known by his stage name Sky Flames, Chiwocha is a chemical engineering student at Midlands State University. He works hand in hand with Samanga who is affectionately known as Sky Walker.

The pair’s hit titled ‘‘Whine-up’’ which was released late last month has received rave reviews across several radio stations.

“Whine up your body baby, move your body for me, when you play this song with me, whine up,” chants the Sky Crew in their hit, ‘Whine up’

The track is to be followed by an album which the crew is currently working on and will be released next month. The album will be titled ‘‘Crazy Love Stories’’ and will carry seven tracks which are “Whine up”, “Chiedza’’, ‘‘Love the way’’, “Just let me know”, “Ndanyora iri nziyo”, “Kana ndaenda” and “Legend”.

In an interview, Chiwocha said the main reason they created the crew was because they wanted to be able to support all up and coming artistes in all artistic disciplines and musical genres in which they are talented in.

“They lack exposure yet they have the greatest of talents. This leaves them on the unappreciated side of fame and at the end of the day they are trembled down upon by accomplished artistes,” said Chiwocha.

The group’s diverse target audience ranges from teenagers, young adults and adults of all social groups.

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