New collaborative learning website for varsity students

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Tendai Gukutikwa Post Correspondent
A MUTARE-born and bred website developer has developed a world class educative website which offers collaborative learning features and a social platform for tertiary education students from across the nation’s higher and tertiary institutions.

The website, which can be accessed at is a virtual place where students from different institutions can share ideas, notes and do different projects without having to meet in person.

The 21-year-old Tinovimba Mawoyo is a student at University of Zimbabwe and is studying Computer Science.

In an interview with The Manica Post, Mawoyo said he developed the site to enable students from all over the country to have one platform in which they can communicate socially and academically and also work on their projects together while sharing ideas.

“Socially, it can never be more easier to connect to other students in any university in Zimbabwe. You do not have to know their name or surname or have their number, you just have to search for any school and all the students from that school will appear on this website,” said Mawoyo.

He said students should use this site for collaborative learning with all students all over the country, close proximity with other students, easy social networking communication and group collaborations. Students can get updates on what’s happening all over the country in these universities.

The website offers each visitor an option to create an account to access all its features.

A user can search for other students using their name, school, contact details and school programme.

It also offers a news feature which concentrates on the news happening in different campuses.

The feature also has an upcoming event feature which posts upcoming events and their dates, time and fee.

Documents can be created online also and can be shared. A user can choose who to share the created document with.

Once shared, others can read, download, like, comment and share it.

The writer of the document can also choose if the document can be edited by other users or not.

A user can also upload files to store them online or share them with colleagues.

Any type file can be uploaded and also downloaded. Folders can be created to differentiate the files.

These files can be in any format and can compromise notes that students want to share or keep online.

To date the website has more than 300 users.

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