New breed of female con-artists on prowl

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BLABBER was tempted to go to town about this other popular woman who was recently spotted at a sangoma’s surgery in one of the ghettos in the city.

I mean that one who blitches to enhance her complexion.

Her belief in juju is well documented, and only recently she was spotted getting her usual service at one of her local ‘spiritual fathers’.

Blabber is still sniffing the purpose of her recent visit to sekuru, and once details are by Yours Truly’s fingertips, you will be the first to know.

Instead of dwelling on this entrepreneur, Blabber has seen it prudent to warm womanisers who are losing their hard earned cash to a new breed of female con-artists on prowl in the city.

I know we are all aware of those other three, who drive a South African assembled white vehicle associated with prestige. They are a cunning lot, and the choice of the car, is to pretend to be self-reliant and resultantly lure skirt chasers in our midst. These women can even buy you the first two or three quarts as part of their modus operandi to convince you that they are well to do.

They usually frequent that other trendy nightspot known by the country’s tele-code.

In case you think they are the only ones, there are many more.

In fact, many young girls and single mothers in the city are now in the habit of feigning love to any given suitor, yet the opposite will be true.

They do not waste time to ask for cash to get their hair done or any other service.

Simply because men are naturally taught to take good care of women, they do not hesitate to meet the demanded expenses thinking they are loved.

Alas, it does not take long before the con-artists cut any form of communication including calls and all text platforms.

Yes, unosandikwa faster!

If you think Blabber is lying, watch my space as I expose some of them in my next installments. This is what loose women now do for an extra dollar.

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