Ndafa goes green

20 May, 2021 - 11:05 0 Views
Ndafa goes green

The ManicaPost

Luthando Mapepa
Chipinge Correspondent


NDAU Festival of Arts  (Ndafa) have embarked on massive planting of trees in areas prone to cyclones and other natural disasters.

Last week, the Ndafa team descended on Chisavanye Primary School where they planted 65 trees.

The school was badly affected by heavy rains which destroyed infrastructure last December.

Ndafa director, Mr Philip Kusasa, said the gesture of planting trees is part of their organisation’s thrust to uphold local culture as well as preserving nature.

Mr Kusasa said their cultural organisation will continue supporting the community by planting more trees.

“Since our annual activity was badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic regulations, we have decided to assist the community with environmental friendly projects.

“We have started a nursery project which has both exotic and indigenous trees. The project is targeting areas prone to natural disasters like cyclones and storms. Our target is to plant thousands of trees in order to mitigate the impact of climate change,” said Mr Kusasa.

Chipinge district schools inspector, Mr Richard Gabaza, hailed the organisation for introducing projects which preserve the environment.

“This is a very good idea and we hope it will help the community. We hope every school will embrace this initiative of planting more trees to protect their infrastructure. We hope the school authorities will maintain the trees for the project to reap the desired results,” he said.



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