Mum bashed, accused of witchcraft

05 Mar, 2021 - 00:03 0 Views

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Liberty Dube

Weekender Correspondent 

A MUTARE man will perform 175 hours of unpaid work after he was convicted of assaulting his mother.

The man was accusing his mother of witchcraft. 

Booker Mwedzi of Zimunya was convicted of assault charges when he appeared before a Mutare magistrate last weekend.

Mr Chris Munyuku prosecuted. 

“On February 25, the complainant, Gogo Dephine Kanderera (59) heard her son Mwedzi shouting at home while she was in the field. Kanderera went to inquire what was happening and upon arrival, she saw Mwedzi seated at the doorstep.

He started shouting at her saying that she was a witch. Mwedzi assaulted Kanderera and she fell down,” said Mr Munyuku.

Mwedzi went into the house and armed himself with a hammer and a hoe. Gogo Kanderera managed to escape and informed one of their employees, Tendai Mapedza.

Gogo Kanderera went back to her house together with Mapedza and upon seeing them, Mwedzi grabbed a slasher intending to further assault his mother. 

The old lady was rescued by Mapedza, who was also assaulted in the process.

A police report was made at Zimunya Police Post, thereby leading to Mwedzi’s arrest.

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