Million-Man March blockbuster

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Million-Man March blockbuster

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Abel Zhakata Senior Reporter
THE historic Million-Man March held by the Zanu-PF Youth League in Harare on Africa Unity Day turned into a blockbuster as multitudes of the revolutionary party supporters thronged the Robert Mugabe Square to show their solidarity with the President’s leadership.

Against all odds, the march proved a unifier as all wings of Zanu-PF — Main, Women’s League and the Youth League as well as affiliates — came together as one family.

At day break, Zanu-PF supporters, who literally brought business to a halt in the capital, marched from their respective assembly points to the venue with supporters from Masvingo and Mashonaland East provinces coming from Rufaro Stadium, Manicaland from Raylton Sports Club, Mashonaland West from Kensington Shopping Centre, Mashonaland Central from the South African Embassy, while Midlands and Matabeleland provinces marched from the National Sports Stadium.

And in line with the thrust of Africa Day, President Mugabe preached the gospel of unity, urging Zanu-PF supporters to shun in-fighting, which he said had never been a tradition within the party since the days of the armed struggle.

He described the march as historic and thanked the youths for showing faith in him as well as dedication towards uniting the party.

“The youths have shown that if you are dedicated to Zanu-PF’s ideals you will unite the party like they have done. This is the Youth League we need which unites the party and strengthens it. Handina kana remuromo . . . It’s a glorious day for the party, a glorious day for us all, let’s thank the youths for it,” he summed it all.

Before President Mugabe addressed the youths, deputy secretary for youth affairs, Cde Kudzai Chipanga, said the solidarity march was the youths’ appreciation of the President’s great statesmanship at home and internationally.

Cde Chipanga said youths were behind President Mugabe’s candidature in the 2018 elections and wants him to lead the country for as long as the Heavens permit.

He also presented a list of grievances from youths that were collected from the country’s 10 provinces during their nationwide tour that was meant to drum up support for the Million-Man March.

Topical issues he raised included economic empowerment, land resettlement, residential stands, high levels of corruption, leakages along the country’s borders due to smuggling and the problem of greedy Ministers who are lining their pockets instead of serving the people.

In his address, President Mugabe said youths’ grievances would soon be addressed using proper party structures. “Let’s not hear discordant voices. Our war veterans must not preach their own gospel, they should speak within the party…little groups are treasonous groups, they spoil the party; there is only one group — Zanu-PF.

“It’s not our tradition in the party to fight for positions or visit traditional healers to grab posts . . . pavaiswa ndipapo kwete kuda kupinga vamwe ndare, hakuna ndare harisi bhora, zvido zvevanhu,” he said.

Rumour mongering, he said, was tearing the party apart and warned party members from criticising each other in the Press.

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