MDC buoyancy fed on manufactured crises

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MDC buoyancy fed on manufactured crises Opposition MDC Alliance leaders watch from the safety of their offices in Harare as police disperse an illegal demonstration by the party’s supporters last Friday.

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Chipo Mutasa Post Correspondent
Imagine yourself working for a malaria fighting company. You have been in the company for the past 10 years. You still have 25 years before retirement and prospects of promotion are bright on the horizon of your professional ladder.

Then, boom, a new drug administered on every person that creates life immunity emerges on the market. What will be your likely natural reaction to this?

If you had not thought about this before, consider what will happen to your prospects of rising in your career. Think about what will happen to your popularity in the village where you had been famed and hero-worshipped as the biggest malaria fighter. Imagine what would happen to all your friends whose companies supplied you with tonnes upon tonnes of mosquito nets annually to distribute to your beneficiaries.

Imagine the first thought that comes into the minds of your traditional donors the first time they hear that another organisation has discovered a permanent and fool-proof solution to the malaria menace.

If you do not climb the tallest hill to denounce the new drug as fake, as having side effects, as having been manufactured using carcinogens and of being too expensive, then your career has just died. In fact, you will be as good as finished. Completely finished or finished completely!

The human mind is selfish, such is nature. In fact, every living organism, whatever its nature, is selfish and wants everything to its own use.

Anyone who benefits from anything eyed by another becomes a natural enemy. An enemy by default. The tick bird does not rejoice when the buffalo is without ticks. Its pecking of the ticks on the buffalo is not out of love, if anything, the buffalo is its tick farm where ticks must grow to maturity, eating and drinking the nutritious blood of the animal for the benefit of the tick-bird.

The village has a malaria crisis, out of it the malaria fighting man survives. While fighting the malaria scourge, deep down the heart of the malarial control village health worker, he doesn’t want malaria to die down. The death of malaria arrives at the same time with the death of his career. Am I talking to someone here? Are my proverbs too deep? If any deep, I will decrypt this just down under.

The so called crisis in Zimbabwe is capital for certain industries, moreso opposition politics. Some outfit conveniently named itself Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CZC)! Somebody is born out of a crisis! Minus that crisis, that person is dead. Dead and buried!

The MDC’s political nutrition is the said crisis. If the crisis is there, it has to be over-amplified to create larger than life pictures of the crisis – a teacup storm. If there is no crisis at all, there has to be creations of a pseudo crisis in order to make-believe so that the funders of the crisis-man can continue releasing dollars. Yes, Dollars! Dollars is the question here.

In the absence of a crisis, the MDC gets desperate for political oxygen. The bigger the crisis, the happier Harvest House becomes.

Claims that the opposition party came to solve people’s problems is as false as a tick-pecker’s claims that it wants to weed out all ticks from a buffalo’s hide. Any claim by the tick-pecker to the effect that it is a friend of the buffalo is nothing but a wide wild lie. The buffalo is just but a useful media through which the tick bird’s survival depends on.

Imagine a Zimbabwe with no crisis at all. The biggest part of Zimbabwe’s crisis lies between the two evils of corruption and sanctions.

In local authorities, the MDC has displayed its superficial art of corruption to aid to the national problem. A corruption-free Zimbabwe is dangerous to the MDC survival. If its Zanu PF counterpart in Government performs too little and uninspiring corruption which cannot be felt by the person on the street, the party devolves this scourge down to Urban Local Authorities so it can be delivered down the distribution chain with efficiency and ease. People must suffer from corruption and out of it there must be a crisis, says the MDC’s unwritten philosophy of power.

If unfortunately caught by the long arm of the law, the lawyer-full party deploys its legal minds to defend Zanu PF members accused of corruption so they can be set free to continue with their industrious trade! Crisis, crisis!

Every high ranking corruption case involving a public official, more so from Zanu PF, is defended by the MDC, ask Sikhala, Biti and Chamisa. It is not that every lawyer belongs to the MDC. The fact of the matter is that lawyers interested in defending the corrupt are in the MDC!

And sanctions? Chamisa has already made ready his bus fare to Europe and America to beg for more sanctions. Sanctions are a huge ingredient in the crisis dish.

Minus sanctions, the economy ticks. An economy that ticks guarantees a stable standard of living and kills the crisis. No way, would MDC want to see the Second Republic succeed in reviving the economy and this will defeat the whole essence of their regime change agenda. No way would MDC join the POLAD as this might spell finding solutions to their manufactured crisis and defeat their stratagem plan to unseat the Zanu PF government from power.

Lately the demonstration crisis has just hit town!

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