Maungwe Brothers legacy safe

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Maungwe Brothers legacy safe Thomas Makion Junior

Liberty Dube
Entertainment Correspondent

WHEN mellifluous and silky-voiced singer, Thomas Makion breathed his last in August 2001 – it was a huge blow to the local music industry.

During his formative musical years in the 90s, Makion was a prolific song writer and musician, Leonard Zhakata’s partner at their outfit, Maungwe Brothers.

The two later separated to pursue solo projects.

Makion became popular for danceable and lyrically-rich songs such as Kuparara Kwenyika, Makorokoto, Zino Irema and Ndaringa, among other hits.

His death was, not just a major blow to the music industry, but also to his son – Thomas Makion Junior – who obviously would have loved to feel the warmth of the arms of his father, and maybe years later join him on stage.

Makion Junior was born two months after his father’s untimely death.

He is now 23, and ready to revive the Maungwe Brothers Band, which had sunk into musical oblivion.

He is determined to make his father smile from his grave by making it a full-fledged band that will remind many of his father’s hey days.

He, however, needs the full support of his uncle, Zhakata, whom he says, has been very supportive.

Makion Junior calls his brand TMJ, and is the leader.

The band comprises five members, although he aims to add a blend of youthful and seasoned guitarists and vocalists.

When he turned 18, Makion Junior realised that music runs in his blood veins and recorded his debut album, Makioni Adzoka.

Other than promising, the album did not make a huge impact.

It carries songs such as Mudiwa, Murombo, Kana Ndafa, Tenzi, Peter and Kwandakabva.

It was recorded and produced by Olin Anderson at Kunashe Studios.

Makion Junior is currently riding high with a new Extended Play (EP), Dai Mauya, which is gaining traction in the music industry.

The EP is also getting rave reviews on social media platforms.

Songs carried on the EP are Dai Mauya, Haruna Mbabvu and Tenda Kunashe.

“I think I have started the journey well. I always draw my inspiration from my late dad and uncle, Leonard Zhakata. Their works are rich, and I am always inspired to reach their standards. Zhakata has been my mentor, and I am forever grateful to him. In him I have learnt to be humble, focused and hardworking. My music is inspired by a lot of things that happen in society.


“I sing about encouragement, perseverance, hardworking, guidance and counselling. Some of my lyrics carry messages of hope, focus and discipline. By taking music seriously, I am sure I am following my heart and realising my intrinsic dream. I am so passionate about music and since childhood, I always dreamt to be an exceptional singer,” he said.

Makion Junior bears a striking resemblance to his late father, while his voice would remind many of Leonard Zhakata and his signature band, Zimbabwe Original Rhythm of Africa (ZORA).

If his determination, zeal to win, energy, verve and hunger to be a successful musician are attributes genuinely embedded in his DNA, then the Maungwe Brothers Band and his late father’s legacy are in a safe pair of hands.

“I dream to be one of the most popular musicians in Zimbabwe and beyond. I am determined to carry the Maungwe Brothers Band legacy to greater heights. And with the support that I am getting from my elders, fans, family and friends, I believe nothing will stop me from becoming one of the best local musicians. We hope to start live shows. I like the positive vibes the band members are exuding. There are brighter days ahead,” he said.

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