Marriage breaks down as hubby fails to perform

12 Mar, 2021 - 00:03 0 Views

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Liberty Dube

Weekender Correspondent

ON a day when Zimbabwe and the rest of the world were celebrating International Women’s Day, a Marange woman approached the Mutare Civil Court seeking protection from her abusive husband.

The elderly couple — Levison Makwarise and Christine Makwarise — took turns to accuse each other of being abusive and violent.

They appeared before Mutare magistrate, Miss Notebulger Muchineripi.

However, the issue of conjugal rights took centre stage after Levison revealed that Christine has told him that he has a weak erection and cannot satisfy her in bed.

“My Lord, I am emotionally tormented. She is applying for a protection order but she has been tormenting me for years. She told me that I have a weak erection and I cannot satisfy her in bed. She always tells me that I don’t even last a minute when we become intimate.

“She took her clothes and moved to another room. She says I am violent but I have never forced myself on her.

“I believe that she is sleeping around because a male stranger once knocked at our matrimonial home late at night looking for Christine. And it is not true that I assault her, she is the one who once slapped me,” said Levison.

Christine confirmed that a man once came looing for her.

“A man once came looking for me but I actually woke Levison up so that he could attend to him. I think it was his friend who was drunk.

“Your Worship, I need to live in peace. He harasses me and sometimes bars me from doing my part-time sewing and gardening jobs.

“Sometimes he tries to force me to be intimate with him. He torments me and at one time he accused me of having a child out of wedlock.

“He claims that he is not the father of our third child,” she said.

Miss Muchineripi granted Christine the protection order in Christine’s favour and ordered Levison to desist from harassing, assaulting and insulting her.

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