Manicaland varsity to get farm in Chipinge

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Manicaland varsity to get farm in Chipinge Deputy Minister Machingura

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Wimbainashe Zhakata, Post Correspondent

MANICALAND State University of Applied Sciences (MSUAS) is set to secure a 155-hectare farm from Government to facilitate and enhance its multi-campus approach.

This was revealed by newly appointed Deputy Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Raymore Machingura during the familiarisation tour of priority projects being implemented by the ministry in Manicaland.

The same programme will be carried out in other provinces.

During a tour at MSUAS, Cde Machingura said the varsity had a 155ha farm reserved for it by the Government in Chipinge district.

Cde Machingura: “The farm is there and we were recently given it by the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement.

Soon we will call the university members for a familiarisation tour.

If there is something they want to do, they can now start the planning or architectural drawings.”

Cde Machingura said the university would benefit a lot from the farmers in terms of agribusiness.

“The farm will help the university in a number of ways. Students from Chipinge, who will be interested in programmes offered by the varsity will benefit from the farm. We are actually hopeful that the programmes will be agro-based because Chipinge is an agricultural region with lots of crops such as macadamia, avocados and bananas. These products are exported to South Africa and other neighbouring countries, which improves agribusiness in the country,” he said.

MSUAS senior information and public relations officer Mr Credence Sithole said that the varsity has planted 30ha of tobacco at their farm in Headlands.

“We have been given part of Wakefield Farm in Headlands by Government. This is where our Makoni campus will be situated.

“Currently, we have over 30ha of tobacco, which is being harvested,” he said.

Cde Machingura, who is also the MP for Chipinge Central, said Manicaland had fertile soils good for agri-business.

“Manicaland is a province that is blessed with good vegetation, moisture and mountains. It is produces good business when it comes to agriculture,” he said.

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