Management change at Diamond FM. . . Mangezi in, Kandiero on the move

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Management change at Diamond FM. . . Mangezi in, Kandiero on the move

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Morris Mtisi Post Correspondent

It was an instant old Beatles hit song affair really this week Wednesday, typical “Hello-Goodbye” story. Goodbye to the Captain and hello to JB, The Smoothener of Jagged Edges.

In an interview with Morris Mtisi recently, JB exhibited confidence and readiness to steer the Diamond FM ship with grace, elegance and flair.

He has gained all this through hard work and hands-on-experience. Read on:

MM: JB congratulations! The news is sweet. It is pleasantly quick. It could not have come at a better time. You did not wait to wear dead man’s shoes. Well done! Makorokoto!

JB: Thank you Morris. I will do my best . . . I always remember you saying God will do the rest . . . need I say more?

MM: Indeed God’s signature seals every worthwhile deal. It’s done. You are the acting station manager. I have no reason not to think you will soon graduate from acting to being substantive station manager. Station manager effective from when JB?

JB: Immediate effect.

MM: Wow! Give us a nutshell of this quick-step journey to-date.

JB: I started off like everybody else . . . and where everybody else started — ordinary radio presenter for one and half years but was asked to assist with programming.

This involves drafting and managing the presenters’ roaster, co-ordinating the content and even the behaviour and conduct of presenters. After that, I was asked to assist in generating concepts for advertising which is the station’s main avenue for generating revenue.

MM: In the middle of all this administrative hurly-burly you had your own shows to present? How on earth did you manage?

JB: Oh yes. I was also on the bit as a news reporter and anchor on radio.

MM: JB, how did you manage with all this on only two hands? Must have been quite a tall order, wasn’t it?

JB: Not really MM. I love this job such that there is no room for tears or pain. Every morning I leave home to come home. That is what it is like . . . and has been like since. My job background before radio was Finance. It can only be passion that made me fit in so squarely and comfortably. And of course I owe it to Captain Lee Kay. He always thrust me into the deep end.

MM: No sharks and other man-eating fish in the deep end?

JB: Not at all. Never declined an assignment! I always want to be there where things are happen in person in the thick of things, to see for myself and write a good story for radio news. And Mr Kandiyero always trusted me…even when new recruits and interns came in. He trusted I could polish them up for radio and sustain the DiamondFM brand. We have a stable you will know MM, a brand to manage and sustain success, the Do’s and Don’ts to remember, the company culture and ethos to keep. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

MM: Any foreseeable changes you may be tempted to want to make?

JB: MM, you don’t want to change a perfectly running machine. Diamond FM is the pride of its seniors, its listeners and the nation. I do not come in to change anything but to maintain Lee Kays high standards of running a modern radio station. That may be the challenge for me . . . keeping up the standards he achieved . . . monitoring the success he left here.

MM: JB, accept my sincere wishes for the best. I know, not believe, that you will do your best, because the best has always been what you gave night and day for DiamondFM. God indeed will do the rest, as I always remind myself and other people. Your last words for Lee Kay?

JB: All the best. He is best for the new CapiTalk job. He’s been in and on radio for the good part of his life. He has said to me: “If you need any help, I am a phone call away. That’s great because I certainly will need to draw from his vast experience and wise guidance. Go well Lee Kay! You are an amazing leader and manager. I will miss your style of leadership . . . especially the consulting, the engaging and management by trust. You made me feel like I was working with a dear brother in every sense.

MM: Why not? I know. It was amazing and amusing to be led by a wise, young, able, humble man I respected like my elder brother. I always called him sir though he always sir-ed me back. What an intelligent and easy-to-work with “boss.” I will never forget how he never wanted me to call him boss. All the best at CapiTalk Captain Lee Kay! The greatest is behind. On behalf of The Manica Post, we shall all miss your reckoning estimated smile, between sly and charming.

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