Man caught with $15k copper cables

11 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views

Abel Zhakata Senior Reporter
A 40-year-old man who disrupted communication in Chipinge after vandalising a Telone link and stole copper cables worth $15 000 has been arrested by detectives following a tip off.

The suspect, John Dhlasi (43), from Chiredzi is expected to appear in court facing charges of contravening Section 89 (1) of the Postal and Telecommunication Act Chapter 12:05.

He faces up to 10 years behind bars if he is convicted of the offence.

Chipinge district CID spokesman Assistant Inspector Daniel Mhini said the suspect was arrested on October 5.

“On the day in question, detectives who were on patrol in Chisumbanje received information from an informer that the suspect was seen with some copper cables loaded in his unregistered motor cycle at Checheche Growth Point,” he said.

“The detectives approached the accused person and requested to search his luggage. They found some copper cables and the suspect was arrested”.

During further investigations the suspect led detectives to the crime scene at Rupiye Hot along Ngundu-Tanganda Road in Middle Sabi.

It was discovered that the suspect had vandalised a Tel One line and took the copper wires.

The recovered cables were weighed at Checheche Zimpost and they weighed 5okgs with a value of $15 000.

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