Man axed to death in bizzare circumstances

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Man axed to death in bizzare circumstances

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Abel Zhakata and Kudzai Matanga Post Reporters
A RUSAPE man, who did the unthinkable when he allegedly axed his uncle, harvested his private parts and showed them off to his auntie before dumping them at his grandfather’s grave, has been arrested and arraigned before the courts.

Chikomborero Mupoperi (25), of Mupoperi village under Chief Tandi, on the outskirts of Rusape allegedly murdered his uncle Aleck Mupoperi (65) in cold blood before slicing off his private parts, on Monday.

The incident has shocked the usually tranquil Mupoperi village amid revelations that prior to the grisly murder, Chikomborero had stolen the deceased’s chicken, drank its blood and ate the meat raw.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa confirmed the incident that occurred on August 5, 2019 at around 1am, when the accused person went to Innocent Mupoperi’s homestead where Lovemore Chipfuya (21) is employed as a domestic worker.

He knocked at the cottage and woke up Chipfuya whom he asked to charge his cell phones. The suspect remained in the house charging his cell phones until Chipfuya fell asleep.   After charging his cell phones, he went back to his homestead.

At around 5am Chipfuya woke up and started praying. The accused person who stays close came back and requested to join him in prayer. After prayers, the suspect asked Chipfuya to pray for him and he complied.

“Lovemore Chipfuya (21) is alleged to be a prophet in the area. He prayed for the suspect, following which he confessed to stealing Aleck’s chicken. He told the prophet that he had slaughtered the chicken, drank its blood, consumed the meat raw and gave the leftovers to a dog,” he said.

The suspect said he was now feeling guilty and wanted to go and apologise to the now deceased.

He then left Chipfuya’s cottage and went back to his homestead. Chipfuya, who panicked after the weird confession went to the homestead of the deceased’s sister, Agnes Mupoperi, and informed her of it.

When the accused arrived home he knocked at the main door and it was opened.

While inside, he tripped his uncle, took an axe from the spare bedroom and struck him twice on the neck, killing him instantly.

He then took a knife from the kitchen unit in the spare bedroom and used it to cut off the now deceased’s private parts, put them in his trousers pockets and vanished.

“He then rushed to Agnes’ house, showed off the parts to her and told her that he was going with them to the graveyard which was a kilometre away,” he said.

Insp Kakohwa said Chikomborero dumped the private parts on his late grandfather Samuel Mupoperi’s grave and returned home.

“This made Agnes to advise Nelson Mupoperi (42) and Gift Mupoperi (42) to check up on Aleck. Upon arrival they saw Aleck’s body lying in a pool of blood. The two then rushed and reported the incident to the village head Mr Roland Mupoperi.”

The village head reported the incident to Rusape Central Police Station, leading to the arrest of Chikomborero.

The accused confessed to the murder and led to the recovery of the blood stained murder weapon from the spare bedroom where it was hidden behind the kitchen unit.

He also led to recovery of now deceased’s private parts at his grandfather’s grave at the village graveyard. Aleck’s body was taken to Rusape General Hospital for a post mortem.

Chikomborero was hauled before Rusape magistrate Mr Gift Manyika on Wednesday facing murder charges.

Appearing before Mr Manyika, the accused left the court in awe when he said his name was ‘Jesus’ and did not know why the police had arrested him.

Mr Roy Weja appeared for the State.

Chikomborero told the court that he was busy preaching the gospel when the police arrested him.

The magistrate ordered that Chikomborero be examined by two doctors establish his mental state and report back to the court.

The accused was remanded in custody to August 21, 2019.

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