Making the lockdown exciting

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Teenchat with Tentie

HEY there teens. With the lockdown extended, I really hope you are all keeping safe at your homes and are avoiding visits at all costs.

Always remember that Covid-19 is real and it kills. More cases are being recorded across the country and it is your duty to protect yourself by staying at home and avoiding unnecessary movements. We can contain this virus by adhering to measures put in place by the Government and relevant departments.

I know you guys are enjoying your lockdown and making it exciting.

I hope you enjoyed celebrating Independence Day indoors? No church, no family and social gatherings and most of all, no clubbing, hahahah I feel for you, but we really need to stay safe at home. Kisses and hugs. Xoxo


If you are helping someone and expecting something in return, you are doing business and not practising kindness.

Never expect more than what you are willing to give. Have a great week. — Tentie.


Hie Tentie, I want to say hie to my friends Belinda M, Salma T and Brendon M. I love you guys. — Donlisha Kudzai Masiwa.


Hie Teenchat, my name is Daisy and I stay in Sakubva.

I want to greet all current Form Fours at Hilltop Christian Centre College. — Daisy.


My name is Blessed Mwakumira and I want to say hie to Karen Mwatenga, Fortunate Chipise, Progress Dende, Shamiso, Pamela, Ben and Gracie. — Blessed.


Hie Teenchat, I want to say hie to my friends Abigirl, Barnabas, Nyasha and all my teachers at Eden Roses in Hauna. —Trevor Marimbita.


You must learn to tell yourself that no matter how hard it might be, you will make it. — Heather Miriam Maradzika.


Hey Teenchat, I would like to greet my fellow Lower Sixth learners at Christ the King College who include Pogba, John, Denzy, Slicks, Thando, Lele and Tanso. —Tanso.


Hello Tentie, I would like to say hie to the 2017 St Columbus’ High School Upper Sixth Arts class, not forgetting Mellah, Nhamburo, Sabina and Chomba Faith. — Sydney Dumbura.

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