Maintenance for married daughter

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Maintenance for married daughter

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Blessing Rwizi Weekender Correspondent—

A MUTARE woman on Tuesday dragged her husband of more than 25 years to court claiming maintenance for their two married and two minor children.Tendai Khoza was applying for $200 maintenance for the four children from Collins Khoza who works in the Engineering Department at Mutare City Council.

The former told the court that her husband should also cater for the needs of one of their 20-year-daughter who was dumped by her husband with one child.

Mr Innocent Bepura presided over the matter.

“He has not been contributing anything towards the upkeep of our family. I need $200 to take care of our children though our eldest child is now married. We are also staying with my 20-year-old daughter who was dumped by her husband with one child, so she should be part of this claim.

“My husband has not been coming home for some time now and rumour has it that he is staying with another woman who is squandering his money, while his family suffers. I need school fees for our two minor children. I am also a hairdresser, but all that I am getting is going towards my own school fees since I am now a student at Mutare Teachers’ College,” said Tendai.

She told the court that her husband’s net salary is $385.

In response, Collins agreed to pay the $200 at once.

“The $200 is fine, but she should not stalk me or follow me wherever I go. As long as the money goes towards the upkeep of my children, there is no problem, but what I do outside of the house or where I stay should be none of her business,” said Collins.

Mr Bepura ordered Collins to pay the $200 with effect from December 30.

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