M D C’s desperate politics tiring

26 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views
M D C’s desperate politics tiring

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Chenai Mutasa Post Correspondent

DESPERATION that makes people do crazy things. Others can, however, be sacrificed as a result of desperation.

This is exactly what is happening in the MDC stable. The MDC has become so desperate that they are doing so many things to sabotage Government’s efforts on development.

The MDC denied the 2018 Presidential election results to the extent of taking the issue up with the country’s Constitutional Court. However, they failed to prove a prima facie case against Zanu PF.

Up to this day, they continue to claim that President Mnangagwa is not legitimate because of their desperation.

It is clear that there is a third hand in their activities. They are being used by their Western handlers to sabotage Government’s efforts to develop this nation.

The MDC’s civil disobedience, mass demonstrations and staged abduction projects carried out by Evan Mawarire, Dr Peter Magombeyi, and most recently the trio of Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova; have always been well funded.

This is an indication that some non-governmental organisations and foreign embassies are meddling in Zimbabwe’s affairs.

The state of desperation within the MDC could have been avoided if they had a nationalistic ideology that consider people before financial gratification.

They need to accept the olive branch that is being extended by President Mnangagwa so that they can engage in dialogue for the good of the nation.

It is said that when the elephants fight, the grass gets trampled. Most MDC supporters are being used by their leaders to participate in illegal flash demonstrations across the country.

A lot of these hooligans have found themselves behind bars for destruction and sabotaging of infrastructure, looting and confrontational behaviour against the security forces. Innocent people have been hurt in the process.

The MDC supporters are the sacrificial lamb of the opposition party.

The truth is the MDC does not care about its supporters or Zimbabweans. The opposition’s supporters are only there to be used and abused in their quest to get into power.

A few weeks back, the MDC had an illegal demo in Warren Park, Harare, despite the fact that the country is under lockdown.

The opposition claims that the aforementioned three women were abducted and tortured by Zanu PF and or Government after the illegal demo.

It is sad to note that the opposition has developed a habit of accusing Zanu PF and Government for anything that goes wrong in the country. This, of course, is a means of tarnishing the Government’s image.

But images cannot be tarnished just like that. Since its time during the liberation struggle, the ruling Zanu PF is revered for upholding the sanctity of life and defending the gains of the liberation struggle.

However, the MDC is trying by all means to reverse these gains by weakening the country’s economy and subjecting people to voluntary slavery under imperialistic rule. The MDC should stop toy-toying and confusing the people of Zimbabwe.

The MDC party is only after ‘change’, without considering the consequences of that change on the people and the country. They choose not to see the good that Government is doing.

However, the opposition will never be able to deliver as its officials’ selfishness will always see them in conflict.

In particular, Mr Chamisa’s shortcomings were exposed when he formed an Alliance with other small political parties. He absorbed their supporters and this gave him the false belief that he was in control.

Due to this, he assumed that he had won the elections. His denial and failure to accept that he lost the elections has seen him becoming more desperate and hungry for power.

Zimbabweans deserve better leaders than this. Zanu PF offers the kind of leader that will take Zimbabwe forward.

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