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Liberty Dube and Wimbainashe Zhakata
Entertainment Correspondents
MUTARE-based arts group Chenhaka Arts continues to soar high after they were invited to attend a heritage fiesta called Mazibuye Heritage day expo festival in Johannesburg in South Africa to be held in a fortnight.
The group, which is led by veteran artiste Taurai Moyo will join 19 other countries from across the world. They were invited by a South African non- profit organisation Together As-One Community Development. The event will be held on September 22 and 23. Moyo said they will represent the group well.
“Preparations are at an advanced stage. We are pleased to be part of the prestigious expo. This is not our first time to take part in such festivals as we have mutual understanding with the organisers of the festival. Last year we supplied them with musical instruments such as mbira and djembe drums which they used in their schools festival and we adjudicated the competition which they organised for schools in Johannesburg,” said Moyo.
He added, “We will be exhibiting products such as mbira and drums during the festival and we will perform mbira music, mbakumba, Mhande, Jerusarema and Chinyambera dances.
Chenhaka is a subsidiary of Zimbabwe International Schools Arts Festival Trust. The organisation focuses on gender activism and main-streaming, advocacy in early childhood marriage and programmes in climate change and green promotion through the use of indigenous and natural resources knowledge systems and practices.
The organisation uses culture clubs and jam sessions in all Chenhaka Arts centres in different districts of Manicaland province which are platforms for students to share their problems affecting them through use of creative arts as a way of communication. Together As-One Community Development is a South African-based organisation which is a progressive arts training, production and event company established in 2003 to enhance the standard of performing arts in Ehuhuleni and restore hope and dignity of young hopefuls.

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