Kasukuwere under probe

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Kasukuwere under probe

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Abel Zhakata Senior Reporter —
ZIMBABWE Anti Corruption Commission investigators are probing how former Zanu-PF national political commissar Mr Saviour Kasukuwere acquired a whopping 22 industrial stands in Mutare, some of which have unpaid council bills running into several thousands of dollars.

Apart from the Kasukuwere probe, the investigators – who visited council offices recently – also want to know how council allocated a high-density residential stand to self-exiled former Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister Mandi Chimene’s daughter in 2007.

Sources revealed that council has not been paid a cent for the 307 square metre stand (No. 10058 Chikanga) which has since been developed and occupied by Chimene’s daughter – Ellen. Town Clerk Mr Joshua Maligwa revealed this week that ZACC officials visited the Civic Centre over the probe.

“We gave them (the investigators) all the documents they were requesting because council is mandated at law to avail such information to law enforcement agents. Since most of the things (alleged corrupt deals) were done some years back I asked my staffers to dig deep into their files and retrieve any evidence or documents that might be helpful. I cannot say much because this might compromise the ongoing investigations,” he said.

According to council records, Mr Kasukuwere owns large tracts of land in the eastern border city. In Weirmouth near the Feruka Oil Refinery he has 16 industrial stands running into thousands of square metres. Apparently, by analyzing the way the stands are laid out, it’s a single large tract of land since the stands are numbered consecutively from No. 6040 up to No 6072.

Some of Mr Kasukuwere’s commercial properties situated in the Nyakamete Industrial Area owe council more than $60 000 in unpaid council bills. Stand No. 1015 Mutare owes council $16 408,88 while the adjacent stand No. 1016 has a debt of $13 718,86.

Stand No. 5185 (formerly Commercial Transport) has outstanding council bills amounting to $21 653,20 while the adjacent piece of land, Number 5186, owes council $5 869,07.

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