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BLABBER was tempted to go to town about this other learned construction industry expert whose shut-mind open-zip approach when relating with the fairer sex has seen him making more families than the number of projects he has worked on.

I mean that other well known engineer with a royalty surname and his claim to fame lies in his choral and evangelical prowess on the pulpit, his chain of concubines-turned-wives as well as his botched construction projects.

Blabber would have certainly gone deeper about this learned yet slow witted brother but the urge to turn our lenses on this other former police officer was too strong to resist, at least for this week.

I mean that other infamous former traffic police officer who made more enemies than friends during his days on the roads of our beloved and beautiful city.

Motorists, especially local public transport motorists in the city, will tell you how he used to make them pay bribes for different road traffic offences but would go on to effect legal statutes in punishing those found on the wrong side of the law.

Put simply, his game was like punishment and good move, for those who are familiar with the draught game.

Gentle reader, this bare skinned nincompoop siphoned money from shallow pockets of the innocent motoring public without remorse and of course, life became ‘heaven on earth’.

Somehow, things went on a downturn.

As Yours Truly pens this piece, the boy is no longer wearing that uniform that he loved so much and with a beaming smile you would always see him around literally punishing people for owning or using vehicles.

He was fired!

Not that Blabber celebrates people’s misfortunes. No. That is unAfrican. Blabber only reflects on things that happen around us vis a vis our different characters thus the former police officer is now having a taste of his own medicine as he now operates a public transport business with just two vehicles.

He now finds himself going through the same bottlenecks that he used to impose on fellow motorists.

He now finds himself sharing notes with the same people that he made life difficult for not so long ago.

Such is the life we live, what you give is what you get!

Like I have always said, there is really nothing to stop Yours Truly in preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric while nurturing good citizenship by exposit social rot.

It is truly for that reason Blabber frowned upon last weekend’s events when well known businessmen pounced on female college students that were in the city for an annual sports festival.

While we thought the two local tertiary institutions were the only ones hosting students from different colleges for the annual sports event, there was a special class of hosts that showed their self-trained hospitality skills in different upmarket nightspots. Blue-eyed as ever, Blabber was watching.

Once again, this is a story for another week!

Have a blessed Easter weekend holiday and always remember all is vanity, we are all made of dust so there is really no need for that exaggerated sense of self importance!

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