Jailbird sets robbers on brother

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Jailbird sets robbers on brother Assistant Inspector Chinyoka


Samuel Kadungure
News Editor

AN unrepentant jailbird allegedly teamed up with two robbers to track his cousin from Harare to his rural home in Rusape where they fired a shot before robbing him of US$3 170 realised from tobacco sales.

The organised gang knew exactly what they were looking for, and struck with military precision before fleeing the scene with cash and cellphones, among other valuables.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, confirmed the arrest of Thomas Guri (40) on charges of armed robbery as defined in Section 126 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9.23.

The incident occurred on June 3, hardly six days after Guri had met the victim — Mr Brian Joseni (34) — at an auction floor in Harare, where he discovered that he had sold a number of tobacco bales and had a lot of money.

Guri allegedly connived with Modeen Nyambuya, whom he had previously met at Harare Remand Prison in 2022 where they befriended each other and exchanged contact details, and another as yet unidentified suspect.

The suspects allegedly used a sharp object to gain entry into Mr Joseni’s house in Chabarwa Village under Chief Makoni.

While inside, they withdrew a pistol and fired a single shot on the roof. They allegedly tied Mr Joseni with a cable, and demanded money from him.

“On June 3, 2024 at around 10pm, the three accused persons teamed up and proceeded to the complainant’s residence where he (complainant) was sleeping.

The suspects broke Mr Joseni’s door using a metal object, and Nyambuya and the other unidentified suspect gained entry, while Guri guarded the door.


While inside, the two suspects withdrew an unknown pistol and fired one shot in the air, demanding cash from Mr Joseni.

“They tied Mr Joseni’s legs and hands using electric cables before hitting him with a metal object under the feet so that he could yield to their demands,” he said.

Asst Insp Chinyoka said fearing for his life, Mr Joseni withdrew a wallet containing US$600 that was under the sofa and gave it to the vicious robbers.

Still the robbers were not satisfied, and proceeded to ransack the house, turning mattresses and sofas upside down and stole several items, including cellphones.

“They searched the house, and stole another wallet with US$2 500 which was hidden behind the wardrobe. The accused persons also took an Itel A18 and two Itel 5606 small cellphones from the house. They grabbed the keys from the table, locked the doors from outside and vanished from the scene,” he said.

Asst Insp Chinyoka said Mr Joseni managed to untie himself and rushed to inform his neighbhour, Mr Peter Maramwidze (40).

The two followed the suspects’ shoeprints to Nyamazira Business Centre, where the victim positively identified Guri.

Police were immediately notified about the incident, leading to Guri’s arrest.

A manhunt was also launched for Nyambuya and the other unidentified suspect.

The robbers made off with a total of US$3 170, and nothing was recovered.

Asst Insp Chinyoka appealed to those with information leading to the arrest of the two outstanding fugitives to contact their nearest police station.


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