‘It’s not over until l say so’

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‘It’s not over until l say so’ The woman accused her husband of being abusive and promiscuous

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Tanyaradzwa Mujati
Weekender Reporter

A MUTARE woman is refusing to accept a divorce token from her estranged husband, arguing that only death will separate them.

However, the woman is also barring her husband from setting foot on his late father’s house where they were staying together before their relationship turned sour.

Pamela Muchisi says she is barring Amon Masvare from visiting his father’s house because each time he goes there, her pants disappear, thereby making him the prime suspect.

This emerged at Mutare Magistrates Civil Court where Muchisi was applying for a protection order against her estranged husband, Masvare.

They appeared before Mr Xavier Chipato and Mr Chipato granted the protection order in Muchisi’s favour.

He also ordered Masvare not to harass, intimidate, or chase Muchisi out of her matrimonial home.


Masvare was also ordered not to visit the house for the purposes of disturbing Muchisi’ peace.

“He left our matrimonial house a year ago and moved in with his mistress. We never looked for him until he came back home to assault me and my children,” she said.

“It is better he stays away with his mistresses. Every time he visits us, my panties disappear and he is the prime suspect. Maybe he wants to use them for rituals to force me out of the house,” said Muchisi.

“He told my family that I did not give him anything from our daughter’s bride price. Yet after the expenses and sharing the money with other relatives, I was left with US$60 and there was no food at our house. He insisted that he wanted to buy a cellphone but I used the money to buy food. We had a misunderstanding and he left in a huff.

“He says l was not giving him food and that I am disrespectful, but how could I offer him food when we were surviving on porridge without sugar,” she said.

Masvare said he moved out of his house after Muchisi had left their matrimonial bedroom to sleep with the children in the lounge.

“I left because she was calling me a woman, she said she could not share the same bed with another woman. How was I supposed to feel? I saw it fit to move in with someone who respects me as a man,” he said.

Masvare also said Muchisi was lying that he is not taking care of his family as he left his bank card with her.

“She receives $340 000 and US$80 every month from my own earnings,” he said.

Masvare said he tried to engage his in-laws so that they separate amicably, but they are not co-operating.

“She asked me to leave the house, but I told her that it is not possible as the house is my late father’s property. I tried to engage her family over the issue, but they are not playing ball. She is now my ex-wife and I have moved on.

“I gave her a dollar as a divorce token and she threw it in my face. She also assaulted me. I receive constant bashing from her. She is refusing to be divorced. I am now a visitor at my own house as I always find the doors locked,” he said.


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