Is Mutare one big bedroom?

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The ManicaPost

BLABBER is worried at the rate at which folks in our beloved city – men and women – are exchanging sexual partners given the prevalence of the incurable pandemic.

In a city where Yours Truly is aware of some well known bed hoppers deliberately spreading the virus, the trend in which lovers make an intricate web of same partners, is becoming not only worrisome but shocking as well.

Pleasure thirsty clearing agents at our nearby border post, smart yet broke bankers, uncultured money changers not forgetting our dear businessmen of open-zip shut-mind approach to sexual matters – all taking turns on the same Jezebel sisters in our midst.

Blabber will not delve into the issue of college students on attachment in different companies around the city who are providing cheap quality time to their superiors especially at that other city service provider.

In the same manner that folks are exchanging partners, these students, who are, dipping their toes into the sex-for-money pool, are also dating every man at their place of attachment from the most senior right up to the janitors and security guards.

Nonetheless this is a story for another day!

Blabber is a bit more worried about the behaviour of a rare breed of college students who are pouncing on unsuspecting imbibers in different watering holes around the city.

Most of the uncultured girls and single mothers are from this other college located so near to the central business district.

The problem is that after enticing imbibers through suggestive dances in night clubs, the heartless girls make sure their victim is drunk and steal their belongings.

Some of them, if not most, move around with different intoxicating drugs that they use to make sure that their unsuspecting victims are stone drunk.

God bless the dumb fellas that leave their drinks with these slay queens. Being forewarned is being forearmed, they say!

By the way, there is this other young and unschooled businessman who resides in that other high density suburb whose name has something to do with water.

I mean the one who has the diamond rush to thank for a few immovable assets he has managed put up around the city.

While Blabber respected him all along even when stories of live fish dropping from his pockets were circulating, it appears he is one big fool who does not deserve any respect.

Blabber will certainly reserve acres of space for him and unmask his nincompoopery for all to see.

Talking about those terminally ill and deliberately infecting others, Blabber is on the verge of completing investigations into a juicy one.

Watch this space!

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