Importance of humility

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Importance of humility

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The Holy Qur’aan speaks

“If you are to count the favours of Almighty you will never be able to

do so. Indeed, The Almighty is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.” 

(Chapter 16 verse 18)

There is no doubt that we will never be able to count all the bounties and gifts bestowed upon us by The Almighty. Each organ and even each faculty of our bodies is a separate and very amazing gift.

Our environment and ecosystem, the peace and stability, the ability to have a meal and in fact even our very existence, are all Divine gifts that we may tend to very easily overlook or possibly even disregard!

The Almighty bestows in a wonderful manner and we are meant to observe humility and humbleness at all times.

Unfortunately, our weak human nature makes us turn a blind eye upon these gifts and possibly even complain about what we do not have.

Worse than this is the fact that when we may have been bestowed slightly more than others in terms of wealth, health, beauty, status, position, knowledge, etcetera; and many of us become arrogant to a certain degree, either by looking down upon others or even going further and abusing or insulting and possibly maltreating others.

This type of ingratitude to The Almighty will surely lead to the gifts being taken away eventually.

However, we are reminded that The Almighty, being the most forgiving and the most merciful, continues to grant us goodness upon goodness and an opportunity to realise, reform and repent.

We are taught that the best person is the one who, despite being bestowed more than others, remains humble at all times and makes every effort to treat one and all with due regard and respect.

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