Hungwe Stars, Romeo Gasa combine forces

21 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
Hungwe Stars, Romeo Gasa combine forces Simbarashe Muchita

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Moffat Mungazi Weekender Correspondent

AS their music relationship with seasoned Romeo “Simbi Hombe” Gasa continues to blossom, fast-rising local ensemble Hungwe Stars have taken their tag-team combination to the recording booth in search of a melodious formula.

Simbarashe Muchita will front his band in this collaborative effort with Gasa’s Extra Valembe on the track titled “Rudo Rwechokwadi”, lifted off the former’s forthcoming album “Gona Kuzvigonera: Dream,” “Believe,” “Achieve”.

The project is set for release early this year.

“Rudo Rwechokwadi” is a self-explanatory song which extols the virtues of genuine and reciprocal love.

Speaking to The Weekender this week, the Dangamvura-based singer said this was their way of diversifying so as to offer something for everyone.

“Coming together with a person of Romeo Gasa’s expertise will certainly add some flavour to our music without necessarily diluting the quintessential vibe that has come to define our music and our following identifies us with. So our fans can look forward to the delightful enjoyment of this double act.

“There is always strength in numbers and this is just one of the many ways of amplifying ties among ourselves as musicians. Besides, each musician brings something pleasantly different to a song and teaming up creates a winning combination while the music still remains palatable and easy to the ear,” explained Muchita.

Effusive in praise of his “partner in song”, the Sasha singer added that music synergies are of mutual benefit to all parties involved.

In their gratitude, Hungwe Stars are appreciative to have had Gasa’s experience on brand imaging as they exchanged notes.

“Gasa had a hand on the bass guitar and also featured on the vocals during which we learned a lot from him on studio time management as well as increasing our band’s visibility on the music landscape.

“We cherish our time together and are actually planning on holding joint live shows in Mutare and surrounding areas as well as across the country.”

Gasa also expressed pleasure in partnering the “Varume Makoma” hit-maker highlighting that it fosters good working relations among artistes.

“It was humbling to have Hungwe Stars approach us for the duet because it shows that they appreciated our melody and acknowledged we could add value to their product.

“This also helps in proving to fans that artistes are a united lot and can easily work together for the good of the industry,” said the gleeful Extra Valembe boss.

Meanwhile, Muchita has hinted that more duets are on the way as they are set to combine music forces with two of the leading voices from the city, namely Hosiah Chipanga and Agartha Murudzwa.

The sungura supremo and gospel diva will lend their melodies on “Muparadzi” and “Titungamirireiwo,” respectively.

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