HIV can be cured: Magaya

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Ray Bande Senior Reporter
PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Prophet Walter says HIV infection can be cured through the Holy Spirit.

In his sermon during a meeting with church partners in Mutare on Tuesday night, the leader of one of the country’s fastest growing denomination insisted that, people infected with HIV can be cured.

“Let’s say you have HIV, cancer or whichever infection, if I release the anointing tonight you can go and get tested again.

“Let every infection lose you tonight. Let cancer lose you. Let HIV lose you,” said the PHD leader.

The PDH leader was in Mutare as part of the church leadership’s whirlwind tour across the country to raise funds for the construction of their multimillion dollar place of worship in Harare.

In a question and answer segment during the same sermon, Prophet Magaya said PHD was under siege from other denominations simply because of the rate at which the church has been growing.

“There is no church in the world that started with 45 people and has grown so fast in such a short space of time. This does not make others happy. Before you came to PHD you were in another church and do you think leaders of those churches are happy to see you cross the floor.

“The other reason why we are being attacked by others is that PHD exposes the truth,” said Prophet Magaya as he responded to a church member who had asked why the church is under attack from other churches and denominations.

The PHD leader then announced that Mutare businessman Mr Samuel Tauya of Golly Bakeries, whose pledge was not publicly announced, is the biggest partner in the city.

Tuesday’s meeting was only announced a day before but the overwhelming attendance that saw the hall being filled to the rafters with yet another big crowd following proceedings via television outside the hall, confirmed the church’s status as one of the fastest growing denominations in the country.

“We only announced this meeting yesterday (Monday) and when I was praying I just said to myself I also have to go to meet partners in Mutare. Maybe if we had announced it days or weeks before we could have had a much bigger crowd but all the same we thank God for the crowd that we have today.

“When I was coming here I was asked to concentrate more on witchcraft and Satanism. They told me that these things are now rife in Manicaland,” said Prophet Magaya.

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