Here’s opportunity to showcase your designs

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Here’s opportunity to showcase your designs

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Ann Ruthenburg Fashion
HELLO everyone, hope you are all good.

This week, I want to throw an idea at you and see whether you agree or will come on board.

Last week I spoke to a number of young professionals and I realised that they had visions and dreams. The guys are quite creative and innovative, lacked someone to mentor them to achieve their goals.

I also realised that Mutare has lots of gifted people. Where are they and why haven’t they taken the city by storm, you wonder.

This is what I unravelled about these talented guys. One of them said there was a low lying ceiling in the city preventing them from breaking out new ground. “For us to become somebody, we have to go to Harare or Bulawayo,” said the guy.

Well, I used to feel the same, and yes, to some extent, the statement holds water. But having been in Mutare for a decade, I realised that many are limited by their mindset. This is the kind of thinking we have been acclimatised to since childhood. We have been made to scapegoat, each time we hit a brick wall, by blaming our failures on the city.








After listening to their baseless arguments as to why they cannot progress and are resorting to illegal activities for a living, I finally challenged them that I know lots of people in the city have defied the odds in pursuit and actualisation of their dreams.

I gave them names of black successful people from the city that made it in life. These people were neither politically connected and supported nor were fortunate to pick a diamond piece or own a gold claim. These were men and women who worked hard, saved and invest wisely.

They seized every opportunity life gave them and turned it into success — never mind how hard or long it took them.

Now fashionists are saying eish girl, what has this to do with fashion — this is not a counselling or life coaching column.

Well here is the thought!

The guys I spoke to were in the fashion, beauty, photography and media categories. I liked it because it gave me the opportunity to bring all these creative people together under the auspices of the Mutare fashion expo weekend.

Mutare fashion week

Yes, I am serious about this.

I have been to different varsities, colleges and witnessed some amazing original clothing designs ie street wear, smart wear and sportswear, among others.


I have met several amazing hairdressers capable of coming up with the most creative designs. I have had my makeup done by brilliant make-up artists. I have met wanna-be models waiting for an opportunity to showcase their skill. I have had my profile done by brilliant photographers and videographers. I am not the only one who has crossed paths with brilliant and creative people that are hidden in the city.

And many of these people claim that they do not buy this paper because it does not capture their interests. Well, maybe if you contributed to the newspaper in your field of interest, the newspaper might meet your need

Young folks, I am talking to you, stop complaining about things you cannot change, like the economy. Stop finding excuses for why you cannot make a breakthrough in Mutare.

And stop blaming it on lack of finances.

Start shifting your thinking and The Manica Post, Fashion Diva and other like-minded people, by showcasing what is in your heart and mind.

The Mutare fashion expo weekend will take place in November. If you are a clothing designer, hairdresser, beautician and model, kindly contact us on the number below and find out the details.

You can also send us your original designs and will do our level best to showcase them in our weekly fashion column.

Do not conceal, but showcase your creativity.

No more complaining about a lack of opportunity. Manica Post and Fashion Diva have presented you an opportunity to expose what’s within you to the world. It is up to you to be proactive and sign up.   

Remember last year we showcased some local designers on this column.

That is it from me, until next week!

Fashion Diva can be contacted on 0719933845 during working hours (only).

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