Healthcare milestone . . . Chimanimani gets top-notch clinic!

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Healthcare milestone . . . Chimanimani gets top-notch clinic! Deputy Director for Hospital Equipment in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Mrs Beauty Gandiya (right) shows Vice President Kembo Mohadi the state-of-the-art X-ray machine at Runyararo Health Centre in Chimanimani District after the official opening of the facility yesterday. — Picture: Tinai Nyadzayo


Tendai Gukutikwa
Post Reporter


VICE President Kembo Mohadi yesterday officially commissioned the multi-million-dollar Runyararo Polyclinic in Chimanimani, in a landmark development that affirms Government’s commitment to enhancing the right to life and universal access quality healthcare services.


Vice President Mohadi described the health facility as a significant milestone for the Cyclone Idai survivors resettled at Runyararo Village as well as the surrounding communities.


“Government is resolute to applying reforms within the country’s health delivery system to enhance access to affordable healthcare. It remains committed to improving the lives of the people of Chimanimani who were affected by one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect the Southern Hemisphere. It is Government’s responsibility to ensure that no child, mother, caregiver or patient travel beyond five kilometres from their homes to seek medical attention,” he said.


Vice President Mohadi said this development demonstrates Government’s commitment to decentralising healthcare services, and ensuring equal access to quality healthcare for all citizens, regardless of geographical location.


“Runyararo Polyclinic serves as a model for future healthcare infrastructure development in rural areas, aligning with the National Development Strategy (NDS1) goal of leaving no one behind,” he said.


The polyclinic, the first of its kind in Manicaland, and one of the only four in Zimbabwe, will serve more than 13 000 people from Runyararo Village, Chayamiti, Bumba, Shinja and Nedziwa in Chimanimani District.


The facility will operate independently from any hospital, as medical examinations, treatments and surgeries will be offered under its roof, having been fully equipped with a theatre, post-natal ward, paediatric ward, delivery room, waiting mothers shelter, X-ray store, male and female wards and staff wards, among others.


It was built following a US$200 million loan facility awarded to Government in 2019 by a British-based company, NMS Infrastructure (Pvt) Limited.


“The loan was dedicated to the construction of five 60-bed district hospitals, and thirty 22 bed health centres. The country has already invested US$17,4 million towards the construction of eight health facilities, one of which is Runyararo Polyclinic. The construction of the health centres is being carried out in two phases, with the first phase, which focuses on the completion of Runyararo, Mataga Health Centre in Murewa, Stoneridge Health Centre in Harare and Cowdray Health Centre in Bulawayo having been completed,” he said.


Vice President Mohadi said the polyclinic will provide comprehensive healthcare services, including maternity services, laboratory services and surgical operations.


“This makes it the second comprehensive emergency maternal obstetric and new-born care centre in Chimanimani after Mutambara Mission Hospital. Recognising the importance of timely access to maternal health services, each health facility will also have dedicated maternity wards,” he said.


The clinic has a resident doctor, who will be performing various procedures, including caesarean sections, while ensuring access to quality healthcare for the community. Staff facilities have also been made available to some of the 40 staff members stationed at the polyclinic.


“Staff accommodation has been incorporated to ensure prompt response to the needs of clients, as dedicated healthcare professionals will be residing on site,” he said.


Health and Child Care Minister, Dr Douglas Mombeshora said the event signifies a significant step forward in Government’s relentless pursuit of accessible and modern healthcare services for the citizens.


“Since the inception of the Second Republic, the ministry has embarked on an ambitious mission to construct new hospitals and clinics, refurbish existing ones and equip them with state-of-the-art equipment. Runyararo stands as a testimony to this commitment,” he said.
Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Advocate Misheck Mugadza thanked President Mnangagwa for affording Chimanimani another milestone health project.


“The polyclinic’s establishment is a response to the dire need for quality healthcare services in the area, exacerbated by the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai. As Manicaland, we are proud of this facility as it is a special project which will contribute to improved access to health services in the whole district,” he said.


Runyararo villagers hailed Government for building the state-of-the-art facility in the area.
Before its commissioning, they were walking several kilometres to the nearest Chayamiti Clinic in Nyanyadzi.


Mrs Erika Machiri, a mother of three young children, said travelling long distances to access health services with her children is now a thing of the past.


“We are grateful for this polyclinic because as women, we were struggling to access healthcare services for our children and ourselves. We were travelling a long distance to the nearby health facility. After being relocated to Runyararo Village, we would either go to Chayamiti Clinic or Lydia Chimonyo Mission Hospital which are both far away from the village. Now we can safely get quality healthcare right at our doorstep, and as a result would like to thank Government for making this dream come true,” she said.


Another Cyclone Idai survivor, Ms Mavis Matekenyi said it was difficult for them to access medical care since their relocation to Runyararo Village.


“As a survivor of Cyclone Idai, I know how difficult it has been to access healthcare services in this area. This polyclinic is a blessing. I can now get the medical attention I need without travelling long distances. We are happy that there will be a resident doctor here. A big thank you to Government for bringing healthcare closer to us,” she said.


Another villager, Mrs Letwin Maunganidze said previously they had to access maternal care services at Mutambara Mission Hospital, and was elated that the polyclinic offers maternal healthcare


“We would struggle to raise money for transport to travel to Mutambara Mission Hospital for maternal care, and this development has come as a huge relief to all mothers and young children in this area. We would like to thank President Mnangagwa for making this possible. We will no longer travel long distances for simple procedures as all services will be on offer at this facility,” she said.


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