‘He owns goblins, he is a wizard’

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Letwin Mubonesi

BEING fingered by his stepfather’s family as the culprit behind misfortunes befalling them left a Mutare man with no option, but to approach the Civil Courts for protection Norman Pundo appeared before Mrs Yeukai Chigodora seeking protection against his stepfather and cousin brothers. He said they were abusive and violent.“My father died in early 2006 and was called at our rural home in 2011 by my stepfather and his son. When I arrived there, I was heavily assaulted after they told me that I was a wizard.

“They told me that I possess goblins which were left behind by my late father. They assaulted me and released me after three days. My cousin brother’s daughters assaulted me in the guise that they were possessed by my father’s spirit, yet my stepfather’s son, Ferrison Junior was once convicted of murder.

“We then consulted a traditional healer, but I was exonerated. I now need the law to protect me Your Worship because I now fear for my life. Whenever we meet they assault me. I am tired of their harassment,” he said.

When asked to respond to the allegations Norman’s stepfather, Ferrison Pundo did not mince his words calling him a wizard who owns goblins he inherited from his father.

Pundo said: “He is a wizard and he owns goblins he inherited from his father. He should not come to my place also,” said Pundo.

Ferrison Junior Pundo also told the court that his cousin brother was the hand behind the misfortunes befalling the family.

“My daughters were once possessed by his father’s spirit which exposed that he is the one causing all the misfortunes. Sometime back when we consulted a witchdoctor he was fingered as the trouble causer and he agreed to amend things, but until now he never did anything. We are suffering,” he said.

Mrs Chigodora granted a binding protection order and ordered them to resolve their disputes in an amicable way without using violence.

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