‘He kicked me on my private parts’

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Tendai Gukutikwa Weekender Correspondent
A MUCHENA woman broke down in court last Wednesday while narrating how her son defiled her after he kicked her on her private parts.

The elderly woman, who was only identified as Mbuya Dzanza described her son, Tendai Dzanza, as evil and a womaniser, who only cared about himself, ignoring the plight of his family.

She had to be escorted out of the court room by police officers after she started weeping uncontrollably banging herself on the benches. The drama occurred at the Mutare Civil Courts before magistrate, Miss Nyasha Kuture after Zvisinei Kachigamba had dragged her husband, Dzanza, to the courts seeking protection.

As Miss Kuture questioned Kachigamba on how Dzanza was disturbing her peace, Mbuya Dzanza raised her hand from the gallery and requested to say a few words over the application. She begged the court to rule the matter in favour of her daughter-in-law, Kachigamba, whom she said was also being abused being her son.

“I have had enough of Tendai Your Worship. He calls me wicked and he always assaults me. He does the same to his wife,” she said.

Mbuya Dzanza stunned the court when she revealed that he son kicked her on her private parts countless times. She also claimed that Dzanza was a womaniser who is well-known in the Penhalonga-Muchena area.

“He defiled me Your Worship. He kicked me on my private parts and that is abomination and unheard of in our tradition,” she said.

Dzanza opposed his wife’s protection order application.

“Your Worship, she is my ex-wife because she has since moved out of our matrimonial house and is now staying with my mother. She and my mother are now jealousy that I have married someone else and now want to come back home.”

He also alleged that out of jealousy, Kachigamba and his mother had assaulted his new wife.

He thus requested the court for a binding order. A binding over protection order which orders both parties to keep peace with each other was granted to both Kachigamba and Dzanza by Miss Kuture.

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